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Thank you to the
Klondike Defence Force Fund
and the
Yukon Foundation !
May 25, 2002


In May of 2001 UFO Yukon Research Society submitted an application to the “Klondike Defence Force Fund” through the Yukon Foundation. The application was accepted and a sum of $400 was granted to the non-profit UFO Research group.

The Yukon Foundation brochure (pg. 10) describes the Klondike Defence Force Fund as following:

“Established by funds donated in the 1960’s to fight the takeover of Klondike history by other parts of Canada; proceeds for research or studies in Yukon history.”

The Yukon Foundation instruction to applicants elaborates further on the type of project for which the Klondike Defence Force Fund is intended:

“To be used for any project which furthers the preservation of Yukon History”

The funds were used to publish a report and also to help maintain our Yukon wide toll-free UFO reporting telephone line. Without this vital communications link, this report would not have been possible as written. Time spent in documenting UFO cases and producing this report was donated by UFO Yukon members.

This report contains the following and will be available in June 2002:

We would like to thank the Klondike Defence Force Fund for funding this worthy project and are certain that the witnesses are thankful that their historical accounts have been preserved.


Martin Jasek
UFO Yukon Research Society


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