There is more than Gold in them there Hills
A Yukon UFO sighting from the 1930s

Posted January 29, 2001
Martin Jasek

It was around 1955 and a young woman of about 13 years of age was told a story that left an impression on her that would last to this day. The Boutilier brothers (pronounced 'Bootileer' in this case) who were about 40 years of age at the time recounted a story to the young woman that occurred in their twenties. That puts the event in the 1930s! She had no doubt in her mind that the brothers were telling the truth, she knew them and their family well. Hearing their story in the 1950s instilled an interest in the UFO topic to this day. She recalled the sincerity with which they described the event. Being so long ago the details of the story are few but the description paints a very vivid picture.

The Boutilier brothers were up on the Hunker Road, a road that led to the gold claims just south of legendary Dawson City, Yukon when they spotted a UFO. It was a "cigar shaped object skimming and following the hill line". It was matching every hill contour and flying very fast. No wings could be seen and no noise was heard. It is unfortunate that the Boutilier brothers could not be contacted for more details, they passed away about 10 years ago. It was by chance that this story came across our desk. How many more like these are lost forever?

Interestingly enough there was a cigar shaped UFO spotted on this very same road in the summer of 1996. That case is still under investigation.