Another Giant UFO in the Yukon
November, 1986, Tagish Lake

by Martin Jasek


We obtained this most recent account of a Giant UFO in the Yukon by e-mail recently. Was it the same "mothership" that was spotted over the central Yukon 10 years later on Dec 11, 1996? Who knows? Although the witness estimated that the incident occurred in the fall of 1985 they also indicated that it occurred a few days before the Japan Airlines UFO incident over Alaska that was widely publicized. The Japanese airline pilot compared the size of that UFO to that of a battleship. This incident took place north of Anchorage Alaska on November 16, 1986. We were thus able to come up with a more accurate date for the sighting over Tagish Lake. Below is the e-mail exchange with the witness. Her name has been changed.


Subject: UFO sighting - close encounter
Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2000 15:59:09 -0700
From: cindy...

I am a former resident of Juneau, Alaska. I spent a lot of time in Whitehorse because I had friends there and I was also very close friends with Don Branigan, the then Mayor of Whitehorse. I was the Legialative Liaison of the Governor of Alaska. I am well educated and not given to flights of fancy.

Anyway, one fall, it was 1985 I think, I was going to Whitehorse and Atlin. It was near the time when they were getting ready to close the border crossing for the winter, so it must have been mid-October. Normally I flew up, but this time I drove because I was going to spend a few weeks there. I got off the ferry in Skagway at about 6:30 PM and started my drive. A few miles out of town I was delayed along the highway by an angry bull moose. By the time I started driving again it was getting dark. I was the only car on the road. And I was not sure where I was going because I had never driven the road to Atlin by myself.

I turned off on the road that I thought was the right one but I was not certain. It seemed like I drove forever. The roads were very bad, greasy, and I could only drive about 15 mph, and by then it was pitch black out. In several hours of driving I had not seen one single car. I was completely alone in that wilderness and getting scared because I thought I was lost. As I drove along the Tagish loop (near the river?) and came around a corner, there hanging in the sky was the biggest UFO I had ever seen. It was simply massive. I was stunned. I stopped the car and the next thing I remember was getting in the car again (I don't remember getting out of the car) and had been instructed to follow a little light that was hovering about 100 feet in front of the car and about 30 feet off the ground. I followed that light all the way to Atlin, just like a beacon guiding me along.

I arrived there at 3 am, a trip that should have taken 2-3 hours took me 6 hours. The building where I was going to stay was unlocked and the lights all on and my bed even turned down for me. I thankfully crawled in and fell asleep.

But the next day I found out that the care taker of the building did not know I was coming and had not unlocked the doors or fixed the bed or turned on the lights for me....

The mystery to this minute is WHO DID??

I told Don Branigan about it... He was as puzzled as I was. I was on my way to a place that he owned in Atlin. And he forgot to tell the caretaker that I was coming and to give me a key when I got there, or leave a key outside. They had left the building locked and no lights on in it. Oh the mysteries and how they seem to look after us in their own fashion.

A few days later I read in the paper that the pilots of a Japan Air flight had reported seeing a mother ship that was several miles wide in the same vicinity.

There is massive UFO activity up there and I am very happy that someone is finally documenting it..... They seem to choose areas that are not heavily populated. When I was in the Andes of Peru there was massive activity there too...

Sigh.... I miss the Yukon. I grew up on tales of Robert Service. Guess it was in my blood. My dad was a Coastie and I was "spawned" in Alaska....

(Footnote: This was my only sighting in the Yukon. I saw numerous sightings in Alaska.

Sincerely Cindy


Hello Cindy

Thank you for e-mailling us your awe inspiring UFO account. Wow! I had the good fortune of meeting Don Branigan and actually did a 1 hour radio show with him on UFOs here in Whitehorse. A memorable event. He was the one that gave us a lead on the Tagish Lake UFO photo which was eventually uncovered thanks to him. Maybe you have seen it on the web site. To go along with your account, it would be great if you could do a drawing of the massive UFO? We could post it on the web site with your story.

Martin Jasek


You are welcome to use my account if it will help you. As to the picture at Tagish Lake I saw something very similar in Juneau one winter night. Probably 1985... I lived near downtown right on the water. My front windows overlooked the channel towards Douglas Island. As I looked towards one of the peaks I saw what looked like lights on a ski run, but I knew the ski resort was behind the mountain and I could not see it from my windows. Next I thought it might be cars on the mountain, but there was not a road there. There were at least a dozen lights, stair stepping down the mountain, looking vaguely like white Christmas lights strung on the mountain in a somewhat circular pattern, spiraling downward. Like the way one would string lights on a tree. It was quite pretty. I only saw that formation that one night. Another night I saw a saucer skimming the channel and then go under the water.

Night after night I saw one perched on top of Mount Jumbo on Douglas Island. It would arrive at about 6 PM in the winter and leave at about 9 0r 10 PM. It would simply disappear to a pinpoint and be gone. At first I thought it was a star but stars do not appear on the under side of the clouds which are constant in Juneau. Also it was random, sometimes it was there and sometimes not. It was not stationary, it wobbled in its position. And it did not move with the other constellations like the rest of the stars and planets. It was always in the same place and did not seem to move, except when I was in my car it seemed to follow us. I was not the only witness to this. My daughter and best friend saw them too.

Sincerely Cindy

p.s. I saw Stanton Friedman speak in Anchorage about ten years ago. Most interesting.



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