Object Startles Motorists on the Carcross Road
Yukon Territory - Feb 11, 1997
by Martin Jasek

It was a sad day for Geraldine James and her relatives on their drive from Whitehorse to Carcross. They were to hold a potluck the following day in honour of her cousin, Pete Sydney, who passed away recently. He was a well-respected elder from the community of Carcross.

It was almost dark, towards the tail end of dusk when they were on the long straight stretch of highway just before the Annie Lake Road turnoff. At about the 10 o'clock position to the left they saw a bright light. One person at first commented that it was probably a star, however, it seemed to be below the mountaintops. There were no flickering lights. It almost dimmed out and then started getting brighter again. This prompted them to stop the vehicle. Several people got out of the van, Geraldine remained in her seat.

Suddenly the light came in front of them, 100 yards ahead, right above the treetops! No sound, light glaring quite brightly. No definite shape could be seen at this point. Once the UFO got to the right side of the road they could see a black shape, possibly triangular, Geraldine recalled. "Get the heck back in the van!" she yelled. By the time everyone got back in the van and the windows were rolled up, the object disappeared into the distance. It was heading towards Whitehorse.

One of Geraldine's relatives was also interviewed and confirmed the story. He had never seen anything like that before he remarked. "Quiet, never heard a sound when it flew over us a couple of hundred yards away. It lit up the whole forest underneath it. When we first saw it I thought it was a star, then it started jumping around and then started getting bigger before flying over the road". It appeared to be an oblong shape.

Comment: The witnesses reported that the shape could only be seen once the UFO passed to the right side of the road where the object would have been silhouetted against the dusky western sky. Also, the main light source from the object may have been pointing away from the witnesses after it passed over the road and was moving away from them.


A special Thank You to Gerladine James for coming forward and allowing her name to be printed.


Graphic by M.Jasek based on witnesses' description

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