Gelatin Capsule Shaped UFO seen in Downtown Whitehorse, Yukon,

October 10, 1997, 4:00-4:30 am

Investigated by

Lorraine Bretlyn and Martin Jasek

A man was star gazing as he walked through a back alley in downtown Whitehorse when he spotted a bright craft shoot between the buildings past the mouth of the alley he was walking through.  He was sober at the time and was walking in an easterly direction just west of 4th Avenue, between Hanson and Hawkins Street.  The object moved north to south quickly towards Grey Mountain and covered the width of the alleyway between two buildings in about two seconds.  It flew level and at a constant speed and direction.  The man is familiar with conventional air traffic and is an aviation enthusiast familiar with a variety of aircraft types. "This was now conventional aircraft" he said.  Based on the mountain in the background, he estimated that it was flying at an elevation of 4000 to 6000 ft (1200-1800 m) above ground level.   He estimates he was about 60 ft (20 m) from the mouth of the alley.  He ran to the end of the alley hoping to get another view of the UFO but it had disappeared.  

The craft was the shape of a gelatin medicine capsule, round at both ends, about one inch (2.5 cm) at arms length. The body was soft red, it had three bands of spikes around its center, one perpendicular, one angled forward and one angled back.  The body was covered with short pinkish bristles of light (See illustration).

Though only seen briefly, the witness was able to recall a surprising amount of detail about the craft, and is firm that it was not a plane or meteor, and felt somehow weird all the way home. He just couldn't resolve what he'd just seen.  




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