Daytime UFO Encounter near Braeburn Lodge, Yukon

posted March 2009

Hey I don't know if this is a experience, but you tell me.

This was years ago I'd say 97-98 winter some time.

Me and two friends went to spend the weekend up in Braeburn Yukon. We did the stops for the giant burger, and a cin roll for the morning, and drove to the cabin. We got very drunk and had a good time.

The next day we cleared off a lot of snow and went skating, it was daytime and hangover yes, drunk no.

We saw this ball of white light in the sky across the water from us. The mass of it was white and had lots of little different coloured lights circling inside the big white one. We watched for a few minutes trying to decide if the northern lights came around in the day, and if they did was this what they looked like? We realized it was getting either bigger or closer, we didn't care! We ran up the hill to the cabin with skates on, I'll never forget how scared I was!

We sat in the cabin trying to explain to our friend what had happened. He of course thought we were crazy, and since it was his families getaway and he'd never seen anything like that before, he didn't believe us. So we went about our business for the rest of the day.

That night when we went to bed, him up stairs and us on this bunk in the kitchen by the back door. It was pitch black. We were talking and giggling and the door busts open, I've never screamed like that, top of our lungs, until buddy came from up stairs. He turned on the light and the door stood open.

Freaking out, we looked around for foot prints, but there was so many from the day that we could tell anything apart. The weirdest part was there was two doors one to the outside then a serrate one into the kitchen.

Now I've heard of some crazy old men up there or strong winds, and maybe that is who or what burst in, but why wasn't he around the four cabins out there when we checked, and why wasn't it windy and then again what the F--K was up with the lights?

Best Regards,

Maybe I'm Crazy?


I now live on the island and thank goodness nothing like that has ever happened here and I pray that it never does! But next time your out side when it's really dark, tilt your head back and see what skips across the sky, it happens a lot here