Another UFO Sighting Over Grey Mountain?

About 42 hours before the Riverdale couple saw objects over Grey Mountain on May 7 that was reported in the May 9, 2007 Whitehorse Star there was another sighting in the same area.

A man had gone to the Whitehorse movie theatre to pick up his son, who had gone to see Spiderman 3. His son was attending the late show and the movie goers had not come out of the theatre yet. The man was waiting in his car and the time was around midnight when the man was looking towards the east over the far away hills to the left of Grey Mountain. There was a bright object that appeared to be a bright star or planet just above the horizon. Although this man has had a major UFO sighting before (FOX4 Dec 11, 1996 Giant UFO over Fox Lake) he didn’t think that this particular light was anything unusual.

He watched the object for about 2 minutes and thought he may have detected some movement of the light. Then suddenly the light started rapidly getting smaller and smaller and at the same time rising rapidly to the right. In 2 to 3 seconds it had disappeared into the distance. Now, “that was strange!” he thought. As far as he knows he was the only witness from the parking lot who saw this.

Although this sighting was not reported until July 4, the exact date of this sighting was possible to establish accurately. The witness mentioned that the sighting occurred two to tree days prior to the Monday May 7 UFO sighting by the couple in the Whitehorse Star article which he had read. The witness was picking up his son at the Whitehorse movie theatre and the son recalled that this was the night of the Spiderman 3 premiere. The son had gone to see the late show which was finished just after midnight. The premiere occurred on Friday, May 4. Therefore the sighting occurred just after midnight on Saturday May 5, 2007


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