UFO follows School Bus
Lake Laberge and Emerald Lake Yukon

Reported by Martin Jasek - posted July 17, 2007

This account was obtained in July 2007 from a woman 40 years of age who at the time of these incidents was 10 years old. Her mother was a school bus driver and the young girl would accompany her on her mother’s bus route. The mother passed away some years ago.

The woman’s school bus route was between Lake Laberge and Whitehorse. During the bus trips a light in the distance would appear to follow the bus. This light was visible at night as well as in daylight. All the students on the bus saw it. This went on for weeks or possibly months and as a result the woman got nervous and asked to be switched to a new bus route. The woman was given the Whitehorse-Carcross route.

For the first two weeks there was no light to be seen. Suddenly the light appeared, and this time it appeared bolder as it would shoot across the sky, stop and shoot across in another direction. The light was so bright that it could be seen in broad daylight. This went on for a few months and culminated in an event just before Christmas 1976 (November or December).

It was about 4:45 in the afternoon and all the school children had been dropped off at Carcross. On the return journey and in the vicinity of Emerald Lake the light appeared again and this time it was getting closer. “It was just getting bigger!” the daughter remarked. “It swooped down near Emerald Lake and stopped right in front of the bus!” “Mother stopped the bus and we both got out and stared at it”. It no longer appeared to be just a light but a bright and huge disk (See daughter’s drawing below). The object took up about 45 to 60 degrees of their view and was a charcoal-silvery colour. It had small lights along the bottom rim and a brighter middle section that appeared to be windows. Then they noticed undefined “shadowy shapes” moving around in the window section of the craft! The mother had enough, “She backed me up and threw me in the bus!” the daughter said. The mother came back into the bus and was “wide-eyed”. The two looked back out at the object through the windshield and object rose vertically to about a 45 degree vertical angle then just disappeared. They never saw the object or light again.

"We got home and told the rest of the family. Dad thought we were crazy."

The above is a drawing by the daughter who witnessed the UFO with her mother.

The drawing below was submitted by a young artist by the name of Diane who has offered her artistic talent to UFOBC:

emeraldlake1976-diane.jpg (107412 bytes)



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