UFO*BC Mourns Loss of Graham Conway

UFO*BC and Graham's Family regret to inform our readers that Graham fell seriously ill on February 3rd and was taken to hospital. He passed away in the afternoon of February 7th. The news was unexpected as Graham had been healthy and very active. Ten years ago Graham was an integral part of the genesis of what this organization has become today, his contributions are immeasurable. He has dedicated 60 years in investigating UFO phenomenon and other mysteries.

We know he will be missed by his many friends and acquaintances. He was one of those precious individuals who touched the lives of so many. We thank you Graham for being such a mentor, friend, and a sincere, compassionate and attentive listener. Graham has interviewed by his estimation over 300 abductees/experiencers. We have received many condolences from these individuals.

We can take some small comfort that Graham had the opportunity to review the last 10 years of his UFO research and involvement in some detail. During the months of November and December he went through every single one of the 41 issues of the UFO*BC Quarterly Journal and typed up an index. Not just a title index but a short description of each article. The index itself would take up the entire contents of this magazine. He spent nearly 2 hours on each issue to make sure his description caught the essence of the articles, one of Grahamís many talents.

If you wish you may send your condolences to e-contactus.gif (1152 bytes)and we will pass them along to the family.

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