by Graham Conway

Robert Spicer is a 31 year old artist, presently residing in Delta.  A keen and active photographer, he had been aware for quite a lengthy period that his pictures frequently were blemished in various ways.  As the cameras he used were of the uncomplicated variety, i.e.,. aim and shoot, 35mm SLR variety, he blamed the distortions upon either his lack of expertise, camera fault, or some processing error.

One day whilst watching TV he saw a show depicting a Richmond, BC resident,  Dorothy Izatt, who has the ability to obtain strange results on film when using her 8 mm movie camera. It suddenly struck him that the film patterns that were being shown were very similar, and in some instances, identical to what he was accumulating in his album, through his own efforts.

This realization took place in 1992. Since that time Robert has paid particular attention to the less noticeable circumstances when taking his pictures.  For example: the same results are obtained, even though he has used four different cameras.

Using various types of film made no difference. When using, for example, a roll of 36, he might possibly obtain 12 consecutive pictures "distortions", then no more on that roll. If he felt in a blissful state when taking photographs, then quite frequently the light beams or "whirlpool" patterns appeared on the subsequent pictures.  He also feels that these results can be obtained in what he refers to as "natural high energy areas".

Robert also emulates Dorothy's technique of "asking" for something to appear on the picture, which it frequently does.  It is his opinion that the pictures are able to "awaken him to his past".  As if a door was opened and he has a sense of "knowing".

He was very recently provided with a copy of a Polish magazine called NIEZNANY SWIAT (UNCOVER WORLD), this March 1996 issue has a seven page article entitled, "Catching the Invisible" that includes 24 excellent colour photographs taken by various individuals, at different locations, over a period of several years. The most striking feature to the reader (myself for example), is the astonishing degree of similarity to what Robert has been able to obtain in his own photographs.

This Polish publication therefore highlights the possibility that if this single country can demonstrate such a large number of its citizens obtaining this strange phenomenon, then maybe its not quite as unique as we first thought.

I shall refrain from indulging in the why's and wherefore's of the "mechanics" surrounding this puzzling light/energy? effect. For the simple reason I don't feel qualified to indulge in such speculation.  But I should point out that I believe Poland is firmly Catholic, therefore, does spirituality have anything to do with all this?

I leave it for the jury to decide.

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