What's This All About?

Robert Spicer

Well, I first realized something was strange four years ago when, during a relative's holiday in Vancouver, several photos had vortexes with spirals of light.

These photos were first dismissed as a camera malfunction but later I saw the photos of Dorothy Izatt on a  television program and remembered something awakening. Are these light beings from other worlds?

Early on I met Graham Conway, a researcher with UFO*BC, he encouraged me to take more photos and document my experiences. Graham had researched Dorothy's photos for over twenty years! He had also met others with similar strange light photos.

A growing need to know developed. Being an artist I know about the search for truth, but this was a new "Ancient " understanding.

Dreams began to play a larger role. I found myself meditating before sleep and asking to remember the evening dreams. Awaking, I was left with glimpses which would unfold throughout the following days.

I began researching and reading on various intangible subjects such as psychic abilities, ancient history, UFOs, near-death experiences and channeling spirits.

Painting in the past had opened me to these ideas through colour and symbolism. Now this was my purpose, to find the truth of my earth history and past incarnations. The sketches gave me the sense of downloading information and images to later become paintings.

After two years and hundreds of books, a picture began to emerge. This is not "new", "they" have been here a very long time!

The ancients spoke of the sacred inspired writings that contained their ancient truths. This was obtained through linking up or channeling guides and star beings.

This process is starting on mass today. Many people are "waking up" to these new energies and bringing through needed information.

"We are related to other civilizations."

They have guided and assisted us through the free will evolution until now we are at the point where we can destroy or ascend ourselves.  There is much love and compassion for us but free will must be honoured for us to learn from our thoughts and actions.  Many on earth are awakening to this connection with other worlds.

Now is the time when this planet shifts dimensions, a time of quickening and transformation to all that is life.  With this comes great spiritual and geological change which will be difficult to understand at first.  In the next few years, with the help of many, we will see the puzzle fit together.  Knowing that we chose this and that the light is within us.


I have stayed low key about my photos and artwork in the past.  Now I need to share this with others and to focus full-time on my artwork and research.

I look forward to comments and questions about my work and would be interested in starting a dialogue about the "intangible" things in life.

My future plans are to sell prints of my work through the internet and eventually publish a visual biography.

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