So you want tales from the dark side eh? Well here goes then: Two summers ago up the lake we had some interesting things happen. We were sitting at my cousin Doug's place with some of his tenants from the rental cottage around the corner . It was an RCMP dude and his wife and two kids. The kids were going to go back to the cottage at nite so their mom decided to go with them. They soon came back saying that they saw something at the top of the stairs to the cabin and it spooked them. It appeared to be a tall man wearing a fedora and trench coat and when they got near it just floated away up into the bush. The cop then went back with them and he then came back to tell us that the lights in the cabin were lit and they weren't when they had left to come visit. The next night a similar incident occurred only this time there were candles lit instead. The following day when my cousin's wife went to clean the cabin for the next set of tenants, she found that the stove was lit and the kettle was on and boiling. She had been there earlier and had told the tenants not to leave the stove on and they hadn't.  The only connection we could find with these occurrences and real life was that a forest company is planning to build a logging road up behind us and my {dumb} cousin said it would be nice to have road access to the cabins! What a crock of S***!! No-one wants a road and his uncle who originally developed and subdivided the land and gave Doug his property for his 13th birthday said that he never wanted road access to the land as it was better to be unserviced natural land for all to enjoy. A road would bring power and traffic, etc. and would ruin the pristine setting that it is. I do not want a road and have been opposing the forest companies on these issues. The uncle is long dead but when he was alive he was a tall guy who wore a fedora and a long trench-like coat. HMMMM.

 Last summer we were all sitting out on deck at the cabin in the late evening when Doug's wife said there was a light in their cabin and it was moving around. I was the only one who would go over there to check it out and when I did I found nothing at all unusual. All the lights were off and there was no one around outside.

The next night we were having a late dinner and drinks and Hilda was bitching about how she hated the neighbour kids cutting through the back of the property all the time as it invaded our privacy etall,  she had no sooner said this when Doug's wife said there was someone coming down the path from their place towards ours and he just cut off the path and was heading up behind our cabin. Hilda was seriously pissed off so she went off to confront this person and she ran around the back and found nothing. I went the other way to cut whoever it was off and found nothing too.

 This apparition was also a tall male wearing a coat too. HMMMM x2 !!!

The ones in England were to be expected because we knew the house was haunted. Lisa saw an apparition in the living room while we were there, Heidi's fiance Oscar got beaned by a mug that was put on the top shelf of a cupboard where cups were never put, as they were always hung under the cupboard because there was absolutely NO room for mugs there.  When I was sitting in the loo, the toilet paper roll suddenly decided to unravel itself completely onto the floor. This happened twice to me while we were there. Oscar and Heidi were sitting on the couch in the living room and Oscar saw eyes looking back at him from the mirror over the fireplace. It scared the Hell out of him. I probably would have crapped my pants had I seen it. Heidi also had  the waste bin open for her as she threw a wad of paper towards it. There were other instances but I don't recall them completely so I cannot recount them for you.