A Strange Encounter With Ravens

Anonymous by request

In 1969 I graduated from BCIT and went to work for the federal government. I was sent to Prince Rupert for what was supposed to be a few weeks. This was my first “real job”. At this point in my life my self esteem was quite low and I was quite shy and withdrawn. I had no place to stay in Prince Rupert and did not know any one. The electrician offered to let me rent his house on Digby Island, as he spent all of his time on the road. I moved in on the third week in June.

Prince Rupert is known for its rainfall and justly deserves the reputation. July began with rainfall every day. I remember sleeping in on Saturday. I was quite surprised to wake up on the first Sunday in July to find the sky clear and the sun shining. I had breakfast and ventured out of the house to do some exploring. I found the remains of fortifications and small bunkers left over from the Second World War. The next day was Monday and very rainy. The rains continued all week until Sunday when I again awoke to clear skies and sun. That day I discovered a small trail leading to a beach on the west side of the island. The beach was beautiful black sand and located in a very small cove. A small treed island was located close to shore in the centre of the cove. I remember sitting on a log and enjoying the sun.

The weather pattern repeated all that month; rain all week except for Sunday. I did not revisit the beach until the last Sunday of the month. I sat down on a log facing the little island. After a short time I noticed two ravens flying toward the island. They landed on a tree branch close to each other and directly in front of me. They began making soft noises to each other that were unlike any sound I have heard from a Raven before or since and I was quite absorbed by them. Suddenly I had the distinct impression that they were actually talking to each other and the topic of the conversation was me. The rational part of my mind was busy rejecting this notion but could not prevail.

I was then immersed in a feeling of total connectedness with everything around me and could sense and actually see (but not with my eyes) the life around me both animal and plant. I “saw” trees as pillars of light. What followed next was to transform me.

I felt a surge of power and energy run through me beginning in the base of my spine and shooting straight up through the top of my head. It was as if a Saturn Five rocket had gone off inside me. I was then filled with a powerful and commanding presence who communicated to me with awesome power and certainty. This entity informed me that I was indeed experiencing the life force around me and that I was an important part of it and I was placed here for a purpose. Part of me tried to negate this positive image but there was no room for uncertainty or negativism, such was the power of this presence. In the Bible there is the mention of god appearing in a pillar of fire. I think I experienced that pillar of fire on that Sunday morning.