Peculiar Experience

On September 27, 2009 we received an email from a Surrey resident with a very unusual experience to relate.

I have a very strange story to share with you. Now, I am not even sure if it has anything to do with ufos though. It actually happened to my husband while he was driving home from work back in mid-June.

He was on Highway 15 (176th street) traveling north in Surrey, BC, just about to take a left turn on Fraser Hwy 1A, at around 10:30 PM.

There was a car behind him also going in the same direction. As he was making his left turn, that is going to sound cliché, there was a bit of a mist and no other car in sight beside the one behind him. Even though he had travelled that road many times at night, he had his GPS on as always. He was certain of his location before taking the left turn and even saw the common heavy equipment on the side of the road left there by road maintenance crew earlier that day.

On that section of the road there is a golf course on the left and fields on the right. If you follow the speed limit within a minute you start seeing houses and commercial buildings on both sides again, but after 5 minutes he was still going through what seemed to be an alternation of small patches of woods and fields.

He also noticed that the road pavement was older and thought he had somehow taken a wrong turn. Puzzled, he looked at his GPS to discover it had lost signal for about 5 minutes. The car behind him was still there, so he decided to wait for the GPS to connect again...after maybe another 2-3 minutes, nothing. There were no crossing roads, road signs or streets lights and he was still going in the same straight direction, which is bizarre because there are a lot of streets going in every direction in that area. He started to get a bit uneasy.

We have a fairly new car in very good condition, but the alternator started to make noise like if a lot of current was requested or the battery was low, the head lights were dimming, as well as the head lights of the car behind him!

At that point, he did not want to stop or try to turn around, there was no way he could not reach another street soon.

So he started to look around, he still could not see any houses or street not even a speed limit sign, only fields and woods.

Then the road surface was smooth again and the car was running good, and he saw in front of him incoming street lights - now, this is very important - he never took any other left or right turn after getting on Fraser Hwy.

Imagine his surprise when he noticed that he was back on Hwy 15 traveling north at Fraser Hwy intersection. The same spot he was maybe 10-12 minutes before??

He and the passenger behind him stopped their cars, they got out and the driver asked my husband: "Have we done some kind of a loop somewhere?"

She was in her early twenties and looked very confused.

My husband could only reply: "I don't know."

"I am back behind you again?!". Meaning in the same spot again.

They did not exchange anymore than that.

They both went back in their cars. She decided to go straight ahead on Hwy 15 and my husband waited for someone else to drive in front of him before going back on Fraser Hwy.

He got home and told me all about it, I wish I had been with him.

Every time we are driving at night, he always brings it up.

He does not need attention, there is no reason for him to make that up.

Thanks for reading!