Invisible Cloud Over Vancouver

On February 28, 2000, we received this e-mail from K.L., a resident of Vancouver.

In case you collect older stories, I'll tell you about my odd experience.

I live in the West End of Downtown Vancouver on the fifth floor of a building facing SSW, overlooking the old Bentall mansion (now the Macaroni Grill) on Davie Street. A couple of summers ago around noon my wife and I were standing by the window looking towards the mansion. It was a beautiful bright sunny day with a perfectly clear blue sky as far as the eye can see in the West End. We both witnessed a shadow passing slowly from approximately south-east to north-west across the mansion. This shadow was quite dark. The leading edge of the shadow was travelling not much faster than a car might travel down Davie Street, maybe 60-80kph. The shadow was large enough that at one point it covered the whole of the Mansion until the trailing edge passed and the mansion was lit by sunshine again. Both the leading edge and the trailing edge of the shadow were quite sharply defined, and I saw both travel over the roof, but because the shadow was passing over a three dimensional building it was impossible to define any particular shape. It was too large and too slow for any kind of airplane, and there was no noise, so I assumed it to be a cloud. There was nothing unusual about this, other than the fact that it seemed strange that such a dark cloud would exist on such a sunny day, and that the cloud would be low enough to form quite a sharply defined shadow. We both glanced at each other as though to ask, what was that? It aroused our curiousity enough to go out onto the balcony to look up to see what kind of a cloud could form such a shadow. I held my hand up and in line with the sun. There was no cloud in sight. Nothing but blue sky from one high rise horizon to the other.

Sincerely, K.L.