Spooky Crescent Park

by Bill Oliver

Nestled away in the southern section of the "Surrey Corridor" lies the upper middle class area of Crescent Beach. Within this otherwise typical neighbourhood is a beautiful, green area called Crescent Park. Encompassed by towering evergreens and thick groves of deciduous trees this spot offers a perfect get-away for bored local youth to gather on weekends and summer evenings.

Numerous reports have been given of a mysterious fog like apparition seen hovering, rising and generally darting about the area. Richard Cook, 22 of White Rock tells of seeing the strange figure coming out from behind a tree one balmy July evening as he and a few friends walked the trails. "It just popped out and stood in front of us before it darted by us. It came so close you could feel the breeze."  On another occasion Jason Vutch and several friends were sitting in the back of his pick-up truck in the park when ''The Jogger'' as it has become to be known, streaked by the astonished group of teens at a speed that left them wide eyed and terrified.  They promptly left in the opposite direction.

Trevor Lawrence and Jeremy Olson, both 21 of White Rock, experienced the strange phenomenon one October evening as the lads were out for a walk. "We couldn't believe it," said Trevor "It was a huge ball that looked like fog that was lit from the inside, it kept rising, then disappeared.  It looked like a flash, like a picture was being taken".  Still others tell of strange drum-like sounds emanating from the woods surrounding the park.  Jeremy spoke of the steady sound of "Indian rhythm's" he and Trevor heard that autumn evening. "They were pretty scary."  Two teenage girls spoke of seeing a nude man running through the park one day. He was covered in blood.  "It totally freaked us out." said one of the girls who asked to remain anonymous. All in all, the strange stories continue to surface from this strange area in "The Surrey Corridor".