Crop circles encompass much mystery

by Omineca Express - Sept. 2001

Ah, Vanderhoof, a location of mystery. Six new crop circles have set the community abuzz with theories, speculation and skepticism alike.

There are three major schools of thought surrounding the formation of crop circles.

The first set of scenarios centres around finding a natural cause for this phenomenon. Magnetic black holes, geological pressures, wild wind formations are all listed as possible causes for, these geometric formations. These possibilities take into account the myriad of natural forces that humans are nowhere close to figuring out. Some, such as wind patterns, can be quickly ruled out (wind tends to have difficulty blowing in clockwise and counter clockwise directions at the same time), but it is a popular set of theories for the scientific minded.

The second set of theories revolves around the possibility of extra-terrestrial activity. Whatever your thoughts on the possibility of alien intelligence, one might think they bad better things to do than plunk patterns of plastered-down produce all over our fields.

The third, and possibly most plausible, set of ponderings revolves around the existence of extremely bored homo sapiens out for a laugh. People certainly have a tendency to do even weirder things when a rural existence doesn't offer up enough thrills, vandalism, graffiti, and cow tipping make even less sense then drawing! international attention to our little community.

But perhaps what all these theories encompass is the ever elusive mystery of the human mint No matter what you believe to be the cause of this small set of circles, the fact that we are all so! drawn to speculate and analyze over their formation speaks volumes about ourselves.

The human mind loves the unanswerable. We are compelled to solve and explain, even if only to shout our disbelief from the rooftops.