Mysterious circles crop up again in B.C. field

by The Ottawa Citizen - Sept. 09, 2001


Six distinct circles can be seen in this photo near the Vanderhoof airport

VANDERHOOF, B.C. -- Crop circles, a worldwide phenomena variously said to be the work of tricksters, magnetic waves or aliens, have been discovered again in a northern B.C. field, almost three years to the day they were first spotted in the area.

This time the circles were seen in a field about five kilometres from the Vanderhoof airport, about 720 kilometres north of Vancouver.

Brent Miskuski, an owner and pilot of Central Air, spotted the six latest circles Thursday evening on a flight from Prince George to Vanderhoof.

Mr. Miskuski was one of those who discovered the first crop-circle formation three years ago.

No paths or tracks were visible to the circles, said Mr. Miskuski, who made several low passes and took pictures from the air on Friday.

"It just appeared," he said. "It's like they were stamped out just like last time. It's pretty bizarre."