Ice Circle in the Park

In January of 1997 we received a letter from R. Ludtke, of Lillooet, describing strange occurrences that have happened to him throughout his life. One of these events was of a strange ice circle that was seen and photographed while he was living on a ranch in Wells Gray Park.

Sometime around mid 70s I believe is when the incident happened - the pictures etc.

My ex-wife of 17 years and I had returned from a party in Clearwater and had gotten home fairly late, 1:00 AM or so. About day lite, probably around 6:30 - 7:00, the dogs were going crazy barking - it woke us up. We often had coyotes around and they barked at them. However this was more, I remember us yelling at them to "shut-up" - I remember not wanting to get up - (I wish I had now). Anyway we got up maybe around 8 - 9:00, had something to eat and went to feed the cattle. I usually walked down past a barn and fed some animals, and continued on to this bridge where I would meet up with Nancy who had gone a different route to feed chickens, etc. I got to the bridge a bit ahead of her and I looked at the creek and there was this circle cut in the ice. Like I said I lived there for 35 years and probably looked at this pond, swimming hole area of our creek, thousands of times maybe, and never had I seen anything like this. I called to Nancy we looked at it closer, I realized this was no "natural" event. We thought we should get others to see this, so we drove around the neighbour-hood and got a number of people to come over. No-one had ever seen anything like this. This is how I would describe it:

- It looked as if a 9’ red hot cookie cutter were placed on the ice.

- Just cut thru the ice, and the center not taken out.

- It was exactly 9’ in diameter

- The ice was approximately 1/2" thick and I threw a large rock on it and it didn’t go thru.

- The cut itself was maybe only 1/8" wide

- The edge of the cut was perfectly smooth, as a record for example and the same all around the circle, right thru a 1/2" of ice. Its hard to explain this in a letter and even the pictures don’t really show it so well - but we all agreed this was not a "normal" event.

- This circle on the ice was only maybe 30-40 feet from where I had seen this UFO disc years earlier ("in a dream")

- The creeks there get sort of a rust sediment on them in the winter, an orangish color. On the bottom of the creek bed there was an exact circle the same as through the ice. The orange color had been "blasted" away and the pattern of the circle was on the bottom of the creek

- A couple of young men who were there looking at this said, the evening before they had been coming home from cutting fence posts and seen a "satellite" going along the mountain. This was still in daylite. I’ve never seen a satellite in the daytime.