CCCRN NEWS - August 4, 2003

More Updates - Hensall and Stewarttown Formations

Paul Anderson, Director

Updated diagrams and more photos have been added to the web site for both formations. Both are long pictogram style formations, Hensall approximately 71 metres (233 feet) and Stewarttown now approximately 99 metres (326 feet), after additions found July 31. A photo has also been added of an odd "shadow" anomaly with surrounding discolouration taken in the Stewarttown formation on July 27.

Hensall, Ontario - July 30, 2003

Stewarttown, Ontario
July 23 - 31, 2003

There also is a NUFORC sighting log of a cigar-shaped UFO reported at Hensall on July 13, as well as some other reports from a local newspaper of odd lights seen July 21 (details pending):

The Hensall formation has now attracted over 3,000 visitors so far. A couple recent news articles:

'Mysterious Crop Circles Drawing Hundreds to Southern Ontario Farm', Times Colonist, August 2, 2003

'Circles a Mystery', London Free Press, August 2, 2003

Other news stories pending, will be added to web site when available, as well as any further details and photos. Both formations still being investigated by CCCRN.