CCCRN NEWS - June 29, 2003

Two More 'Random' Formation Reports - Ontario

Paul Anderson, Director

Two more "randomly downed area" formations found at Georgetown and Schomberg in Ontario, near the locations of the "pictogram" formation at Georgetown and the "snow circle" at East Caledon in 2002. The formation at Georgetown in oil-seed rape includes a long "pathway" approximately 0.9 metres (3 feet) wide by 30 metres (100 feet) long. The formation at Schomberg in barley covers an area approximately 90 metres (300 feet) by 45 metres (150 feet) overall, with various roughly shaped "squares", "rectangles", "grapeshot patches" and other segments with abrupt ends and overlapping and directional lays of crop including "v" type flattenings.

Some photos have been posted, further information pending. See the RDAs archive (a sub-archive of the main Crop Circles in Canada Archives) on the web site.