CCCRN NEWS - August 29, 2003

Formation Report #16 - Boissevain, Manitoba

Paul Anderson, Director

Dumbbell, two circles with two connecting pathways in wheat. Largest circle is approximately 27 metres (90 feet) diameter, the smaller one approximately 15 metres (50 feet). About 43 miles (70 kilometres) south of Brandon. Reported this morning, first seen about two weeks ago. Field is very wet due to recent heavy rains. Further details pending from CCCRN Manitoba.

Interestingly, a formation was also just reported at Minot, North Dakota, USA, not far south of the border. The Minot and Boissevain formations form a near-perfect triangle with the Steelman, Saskatchewan formation which is very close to the Midale / Estevan "hot spot" region.

(Please note: I will be away from August 30 to about September 6 or 7 or so, for field studies in Saskatchewan and/or elsewhere. I will try to respond to any e-mails as soon as I can, thanks! - Paul).