CCCRN NEWS - August 27, 2003

Formation Report #15 - Abbotsford, British Columbia

Paul Anderson, Director

Another formation reported yesterday: pictogram, similar to "Neptune" symbol with other circles and half circle in corn, approximately 55 metres (180 feet) long, estimated size based on aerial photos. First seen on August 13 by Mike Black while flying over the area. About 70 kilometres (46 miles) east of Vancouver and a few miles south of formations at Mission in 2002 and west of the 2003 Agassiz formation. Further details pending. Note: if the formation is still there (not known yet), a ground inspection is probably not possible until later in the first week of September or so, after I and our CCCRN British Columbia coordinators (who also live close to this location) return from our investigations in Saskatchewan.


A preliminary field report and more photos have been added for the Agassiz, British Columbia corn formation. A full update will be forthcoming soon in a complete combined CCCRN / BLT Research Team report on this formation, pending further studies. Additional photos and / or field reports have also been added for the Wadena, Tisdale, Steelman, Scott and Revenue formations.