CCCRN NEWS - July 24, 2003

First Canadian Crop Formation of 2003

Paul Anderson, Director

The first known formation for this year was found yesterday, July 23, near Stewartown, Ontario.

Preliminary ground photos are of a large ringed circle with two other circles attached in wheat. Centre circle is approximately 7.6 metres (25 feet) diameter, with a surrounding ring approximately 15 metres (50 feet) diameter and the two attached circles are approximately 12 metres (40 feet) diameter each. Near location of formations at Georgetown and Limehouse in 2002.

Some preliminary details noted already from an initial inspection by CCCRN Ontario coordinator Joanna Emery include swollen / stretched stalk nodes, a small fly or fly-like insect seemingly "stuck" to a cloverleaf plant by it's head and odd "splays" of "randomly downed appearing crop" in all the circles as well as a small "grapeshot" splay nearby, suggesting again there may be a connection in some cases between circular or geometric formations and random ones. Apparent lodging can also be seen in some nearby fields. Lay in all circles and ring is counterclockwise.

CCCRN field report and additional photos to be posted later today.


Another interesting formation was reported by Matt Rock of CCCRN Ontario on July 22. Another field in the nearby region which he had seen as empty the evening before, was covered with randomly downed areas by the next morning. In among these areas is another long "snake-like" pathway of flattened crop running through the field, in which the plants are flattened both radially outward from the centre part of the pathway and in large swirls, following the valley contours of the field and up (or down?) a hill along the edge of a nearby road. Further details pending on this report also.

Some other additional recently obtained ground photos have also been added to the Crop Circles in Canada Archives for a couple older reports, the Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (1993) and Midale, Saskatchewan #5 (1999) formations.