CCCRN NEWS - August 20, 2003

Formation Reports #9 - 12

Paul Anderson, Director

Four more formations reported today:

Cranbrook, Ontario #3. Third formation just heard about from local farmer while researching first two Cranbrook formations. Farmer had wanted no publicity and field already harvested. Formation design unknown still. (And no, CCCRN is not making a connection between the spate of formations in southern Ontario and the blackout, although some local news programs were trying to imply that!)

Wadena, Saskatchewan. Four circles in barley. Plants lightly pressed to ground, expulsion cavities in stalk nodes. Field reports, photos and diagrams coming soon.

Midale, Saskatchewan. Single circle. Further details pending.

Tisdale, Saskatchewan. Four circles in line, from smallest to largest. Largest circle has standing crescent inside it. Further details pending.

Field reports, additional photos and survey diagrams are also being added for the Revenue, Saskatchewan and Agassiz, BC formations. Expulsion cavities found in cattle corn stalks at Agassiz by CCCRN British Columbia. Some nodes have two cavities and a number of stalks have three or four affected nodes on them.