CCCRN NEWS - September 12, 2003

"Flying Tray" Photo Anomaly in Wallacetown Formation

Paul Anderson, Director

A photo has been posted to the web site of an odd "object" above the Wallacetown, Ontario formation, taken August 16, 2003 at about 5:00 pm by Amy Copely with a regular 35mm camera, which resembles a flying tray...

Also, an initial field report, photos and diagram have been added for the Boissevain, Manitoba formation. Other full reports will be posted soon for the two Steelman, Saskatchewan formations as well as the previously "confidential" formation, at Griffin, Saskatchewan, which is being listed in the Miscellaneous Circles archive as the characteristics of this formation are significantly different from "standard" crop formations, yet interesting and unique based on a CCCRN ground study on August 31 and worthy of further study. This revises the total of regular crop formations so far for this year to 16.

Further studies are also being done on the Abbotsford, British Columbia formation, the second in cattle corn this year in that province. As with the previous one at Agassiz, significant anomalies have been found in this large geometric formation, with a special combined CCCRN / BLT Research Team full report pending.

A bug in the guestbook on the web site has also been fixed, as entries were not showing up properly for the past while. If you had signed the guestbook in the last couple months or so and your entry did not show up, please resign when you have a moment, thanks! The front page counter has also been reset starting from September 1, as another bug erroneously reset the count starting from 0 at that time and the count cannot be reset to the previous number; visitor hits from May 1, 2003 (start of the web site at the new domain) to August 31, 2003 were approximately 22,400.