Hoax - Experts dismiss 'Canada Day joke'
Even aliens love Canada

Tom Zytaruk - Staff Reporter, Surrey / Delta NOW - Saturday, July 7, 2001

Crop circles near the Port Mann Bridge likely have more to do with Canadian nationalists than aliens from outerspace.

Canada's leading crop circle expert, Chad Deetken, was called in to investigate two mysterious circles this week that are on the steep east bank of the Trans-Canada Highway just before the Port Mann Bridge.

UFO British Columbia president Graham Conway, a North Delta resident, said he received calls about the circles, which are about 15 feet in diameter and "in some manner compressed" into what looks like barley on the bank. Conway and Deetken, who lives in Kitsilano, went to investigate and quickly determined it to be a hoax. The clincher? About 50 metres from the circle they found another impression stamped in the grain, of a Canadian flag.

"It's in our opinion clearly a fabrication;" Conway said. "I don't know how it was done. It must have been a very difficult project. I can only conclude it was some Canada Day joke."

Deetken said he was skeptical from the outset when he heard the circles were beside a bridge and near a trailer park.

Each year, he spends a month in the UK investigating crop circles and has seen hundreds, some of them up to 1,000 feet in diameter.

Surrey's circles didn't impress him much. "These were really bad, Deetken said. "They were laid down poorly. It's unfortunate hoaxers pull these stunts.

"The very crude maple leaf kind of did it for me."