Vancouver Island - 2006
Submitted November 4, 2006 name is Anne Charlton. I live in the area of Mt. Arrowsmith foothills [near Nanaimo, Vancouver Island]. I am not usually a believer in the Bigfoot as such but I wanted to share what I saw last week in the area where I walk my dogs behind my rural home....

When I first saw the footprint, my first thought was...why was someone out here bare feet in this kind of weather and terrain???...then I looked closer...the sun was low so showed up the print was on an old logging road in the sandy top soil...this is what I observed....I lined up my running shoe with the print to have an idea of how big it was approximately four inches longer than my shoe which I measured when I got home...this measurement was approx. 15-16 inches in length...the width of the front of the ball of the foot was approx. 7-8 inches...the print was of a left foot which was slightly curved inwards not unlike a baby's foot with only the outside of the foot making an indentation. It had a fairly pronounced heel - it also only appeared to have four toes, which were about two inches or more in length. I then realized that perhaps this could be a bear print....checking what rear bear footprints look like, this was nothing like them....after seeing one footprint I looked for more and found a second almost identical print a few feet forward of the first one. I did not find any more however as the prints led into the forest - this area is adjacent to a magnificent, steep, jungle-like ravine leading down to the Englishman River with old growth forest...

Please let me know what you think...

Thank you for your time.


Hello Anne,

What you describe is not that uncommon – large bare, man-like footprints in mud or snow, in remote areas. There is a highly respected wildlife biologist, John Bindernagel, living in Courtenay, BC, that had a similar experience in Strathcona Park, in 1988. In the Notes section at the back of his book, “North America’s Great Ape: the Sasquatch”, he writes:

“John and Joan Bindernagel, hiking with a school group in Strathcona Provincial Park in October, 1988, found 15-inch-long sasquatch tracks in two muddy places on a hiking trail.”

He includes a photograph of the print with dimensions very similar to yours – 15 inches long and 8 inches across the ball of the foot, except that there were clearly 5 toes. 

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or want more information.

David Pengilly, UFOBC