Tree Planters Under Observation?


Reported to Graham Conway.

In the summer of 1974(?), Connie Wicks was in charge of a tree planting team of 7 women. They had a 2 week contract to plant at Ackulux, near Revelstoke. After 2 - 3 days they sensed they were being watched and also detected an unpleasant odour. One day a woman screamed when she came across some very large footprints. There were 2 sets, one smaller than the other (possibly an adult and a child). The women followed the footprints down to a creek, but common sense ruled out tracing them back up the mountain to the cliff area where they had emerged. They placed 3 cardboard boxes over a set of prints and the next day some women brought their logger husbands up to see them. They also reported the find to the forestry company.