Six-Toed Sasquatch?

On January 4th, 2000, we received an e-mail from someone in Penticton, BC, recounting a very interesting story from 5 years earlier. Here is his e-mail:

I live in Penticton BC. I usually don't tell this story because everyone laughs at me, here it is, take it or leave it.

About 5 years ago, I was mountain biking with friends NE of Penticton, BC, when I came across footprints that were about 18" long, a left foot and a right. They were about 4" in the ground, which was very hard (an old railway bed). They had 6 toes, yes 6 toes on each foot and the prints had grain and lines to them like your hand does. I left them and went to get my friends, when I came back with my friends they all laughed, they thought I did it as a trick. Honestly, I couldn't reproduce what I found even if I wanted to, I have thought about how a forgery could have been made but the details on the print itself, and the fact they were 4" in the old train tracks, truck tire tracks only sink in maybe 1 inch. The prints were heading west down a very steep bank, to the east was a cliff about 35-40' straight up. Assuming the tracks were real, it appeared the bigfoot had jumped down the cliff onto the tracks and continued down the embankment, explaining the depth of the prints. One of my friends convinced that I had created these prints destroyed them later with his pick-up. Should that friend Ryan ever get to read this story I would like to remind him that he is an Idiot. To make a long story short I never got to plaster cast these prints. I have told this story to Thomas Steenburg a researcher from alberta, as well as Rene Dahinden from BC. Both were amazed by the fact that the prints had 6 toes, but not suprised as there are a lot of oddities in nature. I know a guy with 3 nipples!

Like I said, these are the facts as I know them, take it or leave it!

Yours truthfully,
Anonymous (by request)
Penticton, BC