Manning Park - 2005
Submitted February 17, 2007

I am from Princeton. In 2005 I was driving the Hope/Princeton near west end of Manning park at a location where it is not uncommon to see bears crossing the highway.

On this occasion I saw a creature walking through the wooded brush clearing to south side of the road where seeing a bear should have been impossible, this was walking up-right and its entire upper torso was visible. I didn't stop to investigate as I am not the sort to care when I have other objectives, however I thought now might be a good time to think about this as I have recently purchased a studio camera and a half decent telephoto lens. I wouldn't waste mine or anybody else's time with grainy low quality crap shots and footage of catastrophically crappy quality. I find it hard to believe that nobody on earth can take a simple photo...

Anyway, I have recently moved to Chilliwack and live in a new subdivision on the mountain side where we still have a bit of a green belt. My wife says that this area has been said by natives to be a migratory route of the unknown creatures. The reason I bring this up is because I have been trying for the past 8 months now to catch an intruder on my property to no avail. One night I briefly saw what appeared to be two amber/yellow eyes glance up at me and disappear just as I tried to shine my high power flash light down into the woods. Where I saw these so called eyes would make this thing to be in the 9 to 10 foot tall range. Of course I am not one to jump to delusional fantasy but just add information to my recollections. Daily inspection of the tall grass and bush down the hill side and into the wooded area indicated a tall big footed biped, leading me to suspect a human stalker or peeping tom of some kind, perhaps stalking our house to make a break-in attempt at the right time. The problem here was that I could never find any shoo/boot prints... as if a bare-footed night stalker. Who in their right mind would be out in our back woods, bare-footed...?.. And yet every time I try to catch a glimpse of whoever is making the noise outside, I see nothing and all goes quiet. As yet nothing has been stolen but it still bothers me. I went down and cleared a path and cleaned up some brush, and found that the traffic in my bushes was immense yet no distinct path was defined by anyone but myself. Since I got a new dog and have even been tossing brick down off my upper balcony every time we hear something sneaking about down there we have had much less activity, but from time to time we still hear foot steps in our back yard and in the woods. I have tried to reason to myself that it must be coyote, but coyote are usually very noisy and not so careful to become suddenly silent when I fly out of my bed to get to my windows. So what would be intelligent or sneaky enough to go quiet and try not to be seen? Human!...? or after reading about witness reports of the level of intellect Yeti is said to posses, I am thinking more along the lines of the unknown. In one Russian sighting and stalking, the stalker found his subject's suspected wigwam, he entered the structure to find a smaller structure inside covering a hole in which he and his associates dropped a rock into that appeared not to hit bottom. They charted the site and left the area.

If this is true that these unknown creatures are responsible for building structures, fires, mm I am left to believe that maybe my stalker is not so easy to identify for reason of higher intelligence than the average thief.

My wife had an experience as well many years ago during a camping trip in the Harrison area at a remote location. She was with her husband of that time, whom she describes as a stubborn ignoramus, when she had went into the woods to pee. While she was in the woods she heard some crackling twigs, she quickly finished her job and ran out of there. She told her husband that she heard something and she had a bad feeling about it, he said he "would check it out later but not to worry, your just being silly." Then she heard some noise in the area where she did her business and so did her dog, who acting out of character, ran to the boat and jumped in hiding in belly of their boat. All of a sudden they heard an extremely load blood curdling scream from the area of attention. They didn't walk... THEY RAN back to their boat and took off out of there like spit through a trumpet. This was the remote end of Harrison lake way past Echo Island in the late '80's.

I would love to hear the rest of the story about Copper Mountain - January 2006?????