Kelowna - 2008
Submitted January 31, 2008

Hey, my name is Josh, and I am from Kelowna. My friends and I were recently snowboarding up at Big White about 45 min outside of Kelowna; we were snowboarding in the Gem Lake area which is the furthest away from the lodge and we were out of bounds and had to hike to get to where we wanted to board. My friends and I started to board down the hill when 2 of us who were a little slower saw a human like being but much larger go running by in the trees to the right of us. Not knowing at first what I saw I rushed to the bottom of the hill where my 2 other friends who saw it confirmed with me the description... Tall, black, and hairy! At first I thought maybe it was a bear... then I realized that bears usually hibernate in the winter and they usually can't run very fast on 2 legs...

Now prior to this experience, about a year earlier, myself and 3 friends were fishing up at Oyama Lake which is about an hour from Big White through the bushes... and we got pictures of a huge footprint about 3 times the size of a normal human and the big toe was on the pinky side. I believe my friend has the photos of the footprint so if you would like them please email me and I will send them to you.

Thanks for reading.


Hi Josh - sounds good! We'd love to see it! Looking forward to the photo!


PS - I love the email address ... you're a Douglas Adams fan?