Strange Footprints on Dilworth Mountain

This story was emailed anonymously to UFO*BC Director Gord Heath in March 0f 2003.

This is my experience. I've never been much of a skeptic when it comes to Sasquatch. I've always assumed it could be a species yet to be discovered. Anyways, back around 1984 or 85 I was out for a hike with my dog. We would go out for a few hours at a time hoping to rid her of her excess energy. (Dobermans can be fairly high strung) Usually it was in the very local hills of Kelowna.

The spot we were hiking in is called Dilworth Mountain. Which is now full of housing development but at the time had very little. It was about March and there was still a fair amount of snow on the ground but it was melting rapidly from mild temperatures and occasional rain. My dog's nose was pretty keen to various deer or other critters you'd see while out. She'd often catch wind of a deer and start tracking before I saw it. After a few hours out we were coming back along the outside ridge which gave a pretty decent view of the town. It was around 5:00 p.m. and a grey day. It was on the verge of getting dark. Towards the end of our hike I came across footprints in the snow. I stopped and looked at them and had a good laugh thinking some kids had gotten creative with plywood cut-outs. As I looked closer I could see that these were not made from a flat cut-out. You could see the shape of the foot that left them. I placed my hiking boot which were a size 10 beside one. The print dwarfed my boot. Another thing that I found strange was that there were two sets of prints. A large one as well as a smaller set. I thought that was odd. If kids were doing a practical joke, why make a smaller set? My dog's reaction really was what sent me though. She picked up a scent from the prints and immediately followed them with her nose to them. I never saw her react that way from various people's tracks. Only from animals, usually deer. She had ran into the trees following the tracks in a matter of seconds. Her reaction really 'creeped me out' because suddenly this seemed real. I whistled and called her back wanting to leave pronto! When I returned to take photos the next day, I couldn't find the tracks. Between the rain and me trying to find the exact spot, well I just couldn't find them. I don't tell this story to everyone because most think I'm kidding them.

I found it odd that these tracks would be so close to town as well as seeing 2 sets. That's my story and I swear it to be true.

Thanks for your time, Gordon