An Interference Pattern

By Val Power, March 2003

Is the Sasquatch more than just physical? For several years the International Sasquatch Symposium was held in Vancouver, BC. The organizer, Stephen Harvey, always tried to make room for both sides of the "Great Debate"; those that believed in a traditional ape-like creature and those that believed the creature was paranormal, with links to UFOs, other dimensions and psychic communication. Some of the researchers, like BC's Rene Dahinden, were vehemently opposed to the "paranormal" researchers and did not want to be in the same building with them! UFO*BC realizes that a lot of the subjects it deals with (like UFOs, crop circles, cattle mutilations and Sasquatch) have a "Supernatural" aspect, so we are more than happy to present a paper by researcher Val Power. Val is an anthropology undergraduate living on Vancouver Island and has researched phenomena for many years. After reading her submission below, please read her follow-up article: Appendix: The Message.

Some Sasquatch have a relationality to paranormal phenomena. Eyewitness accounts state that one of the characteristics of some Sasquatch is the ability to suddenly appear or disappear. Some researchers label these accounts as a "misperception" (Krantz,256) which limits the scope of research considerably.

Eyewitness accounts offer insights into rare facts. This makes the study difficult but does not give reason to dismiss nor undertake difficult research.

Too much has been written on too little direct observation. The focus of this report is the phenomenal aspect of the Sasquatch based on my two encounters in British Columbia.


As we entered the forest via a well worn path, we both noticed and remarked that we could feel a pressure on the top of our heads. It was not uncomfortable but quite noticeable. The trail we were on led to a gulley and I knew this area very well as I was raised only three blocks away from it. Miriam and I would come here often on walks.

Once in the forest we did not walk more than one and a half city blocks. We spent time looking at the variety of vegetation and sitting on a log talking. This is not an area of thick undergrowth.

As we got up to continue our walk along the path, I noticed a log by which appeared suddenly, a Sasquatch laying on the ground facing the log. Its knees were slightly bent. Its fur was black. Miriam didn't seem to notice it and continued down the path. I got on my hands and knees because I wanted to get a good look at this creature.

It did not appear to be much taller than myself, five foot six. On my knees I wanted to get as close as possible, but I didn't want to disturb it. At the same time I felt it was quite aware of my presence. At no time did it move.

I was only about a foot away from it at most, and close enough to comfortably reach out and touch it. Between the Sasquatch and myself was a visible, clear barrier. The bottom edge was approximately three to four inches from the ground. I did not look to see the height of the barrier nor the length, nor did it occur to me to see if I could walk around to see its face.

I wanted to reach out and touch its fur but didn't because I was unsure if the barrier would have an affect on my hand or my physical being.

As I knelt on the ground I heard a 'metallic' like 'click-click' and my eyes became as a microscope. Looking through this new heightened lens I could examine with clarity a single hair and how it fit into the light, creamy colored skin. Without touch, I could move aside a hair to examine it and know the thickness of its fur. There was no sound.

As I knelt on the ground, I was given a message or a knowing, "When the barrier touches the earth, the worlds will blend, and chaos will result".

As suddenly as it appeared it disappeared. I stood up and saw Miriam walking towards me. I asked her what she had been doing to which she replied, "Looking at a house in the trees". The house was small, on a branch approximately ten to twelve feet up in a tree. I didn't see the house and she didn't see the Sasquatch.

We then headed down the path to go home. We still noticed the pressure on our heads until we exited the last group of trees at the forest edge. We stood on the roadside on a grassy section. We could both sense and hear 'little people' to our right side. They were doing something on the side of the road. I wasn't sure how many there were but I reckoned more than five or six.


At the point of entry to the forest, overhanging branches blocked all view of the sky. The pressure on our heads was the strongest at this locale. It felt as though we had walked into a short tunnel. We exited at the same locale and the pressure was still pronounced though non existent once we had stepped beyond the branches.

While strolling within the forest there was no noticeable pressure around the head area nor did either of us comment on it further. The pressure felt on the head was either caused by an external element or was my response to something already present within the forest.


The sudden, unexpected appearance of the Sasquatch immediately captured my attention and focus of consciousness.

It is difficult to ascertain the real height of the Sasquatch as it was laying on its right side, with knees bent and partially drawn toward its torso. It lay motionless for the length of the encounter, at which point it simply disappeared. It did not make any sound nor did it emit any smell.


While on my hands and knees looking at the Sasquatch, I saw between us a barrier, like a clear membrane through which we accessed one another. It also seemed to serve as a protective device.

The desire to reach out and physically touch the Sasquatch was countered with questions posed to myself which were not readily answerable: What would happen to my hand if I put it through the barrier? How would that action affect the rest of my body? Would I remain in this dimension? I sensed that this creature was quite aware of me yet I was concerned that touch would awaken it. I assumed that due to its posture and lack of motion, it must be asleep. I felt neither fear nor the desire to move away from it.

There seems to be a connection between my desire to physically touch the Sasquatch and spontaneously doing so without the use of outward sensory organs. I could feel the fur, part singular hairs, and with microscopic clarity I could see each hair and its follicle.

This suggests that the five senses of the physical body are not our only means to knowledge. That technological appendages such as a microscope or telescope cannot detect what the human body can sense. My eye functioned as a microscope. Not my physical eye but a subtle, enhanced lens unrelated to 'normal' vision. It felt as though my lens was being fine tuned, just as one can tune the eye to see in stereoscopic vision without the aid of technology.

Remaining on my knees, facing the Sasquatch, my attention focused on the barrier and its delineation above the earths surface. Suddenly all mental functioning ceased. Stillness and total silence. At this point the message entered my consciousness.


The message (Appendix), "When the barrier touches the earth the worlds will blend and chaos will result" was received just before the Sasquatch disappeared. The method of communication was outside of language, perhaps telepathic and transpired in a place of absolute silence. Whether the message was given or was an empathetic entering into the life of another being is not possible to answer. It felt as though we were one and the same in the sense that although our forms of energy differed we could interact and interconnect.

Interspecies communication is not uncommon and occurs within many cultures, ie indigenous peoples and whales, eagles, or buffalo etc. Many Native Americans regard the Sasquatch as a "special kind of being, an elder brother or teacher whose appearance is meant to convey a kind of message" (BFRO,1). It may be a warning to an individual, community, or humankind (BFRO,4). Historically the idea of messengers reaches into our ancient past and is similarly expressed in all cultures with varying forms.


The metallic like sound occurs during unusual events or undertakings. In his descent to the underworld, the Altaic shaman descends vertically down seven subterranean regions called 'pudak' or 'obstacles'. At the second obstacle the shaman hears metallic sounds (Eliade,201).

In 1978, researcher, Barbara Bartholic interviewed two hunters who were monitoring an area where a Bigfoot had slashed the screendoor of a mobile home. The hunters observed two large and two smaller Bigfoot who seemed to be communicating telepathically among themselves. One of the hunters shot at a Bigfoot, the bullet 'pinged' off of it, much like the sound of a bullet hitting a refrigerator.

In a dream vision, Shoshoni medicine-man Tudy Roberts, saw "three bear spirits, one of which claimed to be immune to bullets" (Drury,133). The metallic sound may be related to a barrier that mind can transcend but a physical object cannot.


The little people like beings were located on the periphery of the forest, between the roadway and a drainage culvert. Although they were not visible we could both sense them and noted four characteristics: 1) Approximately two to three feet in height 2) they were aware of us and knew we were aware of them 3) they were communicating among themselves 4)they were endowed with a unique property; remaining invisible to us yet making their presence known to us.

North American Native legends note an association between the Sasquatch and the little people. The nature of this association is unclear though perhaps related to the same dimension or reality as the Sasquatch which is "slightly removed from ours" (Boyd,2). The Iroquois regard the little people as "spiritual or interdimensional beings who can enter or leave our physical dimension at will and choose to whom they present themselves" (BFRO,4).

The 'little green man' of the Great Basin stands two feet tall, carries "a bow and arrow, lives in the mountains and shoots arrows into those who speak ill of him" (Eliade,102). The idea of a smaller than human being who either grants power or serves as a Guardian spirit is widespread West of the Rocky Mountains. To impart a 'green' color to little people suggests that they are unaltered by time or natural processes and inhabit a timespace outside our human cycle.

The Lakota refer to little people as 'Can otipi' (they dwell in the trees) and to the Crow they are keepers of medicine (St.Pierre, Longsoldier,113).

It is interesting to note that Miriam was preoccupied with a house in the trees while I was focused on the Sasquatch. She later described the house as being built on a branch close to the tree trunk. She could not recall if it was painted a bright yellow or if the bright yellow was a light.


A group of us decided to have a picnic rather than go to classes in the afternoon. We packed up food and drove out to Gallaghers Canyon.

We hiked down to the creek and walked a bit further upstream to be in full sunlight. We set out our picnic and sat on the rocks talking. I had never walked up to the bend in the creek and decided to do it. No one else was interested in joining me so I set off alone.

After walking upstream for approximately ten minutes I came near to the bend in the creek. I noticed that as I walked towards the bend an uneasy feeling kept arising and I would tell myself to stop being ridiculous and my mind kept fighting this uneasy feeling. It was not a feeling of fear, nor could I say if it was intuition or instinct. The feeling of uneasiness became so strong that I don't recall making a conscious decision to turn and retreat downstream.

As I neared the picnic site I yelled out that there was something here but I could see one of my friends tossing the food into the cooler. By the time I got down stream everyone had ascended the canyon and all but Miriam were in the car. After I hiked up the canyon I walked over to the edge of it and stood looking to the other side, which was not a wide gulf. Miriam came over and stood nearby.

Suddenly, a bright yellow light appeared on the opposite side of the canyon, directly across from us. The visible length of the light appeared to be quite long, extending to the area of the bend in the creek. Approximately a thirty-five degree angle. The narrow end of the light touched the rocks across from us and the wider band was over and through the trees. As I stood looking, a light brown Sasquatch appeared within the narrow band of light. As soon as it stepped out of the light onto the rock surface, the beam of light disappeared. The Sasquatch turned to look in our direction and then strolled over the rocks out of view.

As this event unfolded, everyone except Miriam and myself were in the car. I asked Miriam if she could see what was happening to which she replied, "No". I then gave her a running commentary as to what was occurring.

We then got into the car and talked to the others, but they all said they saw nothing but could feel something.


The objective of reaching the bend of the creek created a struggle to overcome the feeling to turn back and the desire to continue walking. As I proceeded upstream I was suddenly turned, walking downstream. I do not recall turning to go downstream.

My abrupt turnabout may have been a survival response due to another energy field which was either impressing upon or becoming enmeshed with mine, or my response was influenced by an exterior interference, not based on survival as I did not feel fearful, nor threatened. However, had I not returned downstream and ascended the canyon I would not have seen the Sasquatch.

One friend who was present during both sightings stated she "felt she had to move away from the picnic area". She couldn't remember if the others moved away on their own accord or if she told them to. She had the urge to run and felt an "oppressive heaviness" that was "frightening or dangerous".


The Sasquatch manifested suddenly within the narrow band of light which was slightly above its head and below its feet. The light disappeared as the Sasquatch began to walk. It turned its head to look in our direction and then walked away, quickly disappearing into the visual horizon. The viewing distance was less than half a city block.

Its height was approximately six feet tall, walked with a smooth gait and had a stocky build. It appeared to be a solid physical form. Although the form appeared physical to me yet remained undetected by the others is not unusual. Such a phenomena is mentioned by a yogi whose master appeared to him in "supernal splendor" and the yogi "beheld the flesh and blood form of his master" (Yogananda,475). The master referred to his body as "flesh and blood" which he sees as ethereal yet to the yogi it appears as "physical". His body could be held, and faint natural odours that are characteristic of his body could be detected (Yogananda,476).

Although the four others with me saw neither the light nor the Sasquatch all could sense that activity was occuring on the opposite side of the canyon.

Light could have been like a vehicle for the Sasquatch. Light does not seem to have a dependence on anything material whereas for example, sound waves are dependent on air. One of the reasons for the inability of the others to see the Sasquatch may be related to light. They may have been looking past the Sasquatch as the light may have occupied a small field in their vision.


Maya Bykova suggested that the ability of the Sasquatch to appear/disappear may be a "protective property" and its strong biofield can cause fear in those who observe it (Stonehill,1,6). The individuals who sensed a presence in close proximity, could not see what they sensed, and left the area. As some responses are culturally habituated it is not conclusive that the biofield of the Sasquatch caused their reaction. It is just as probable that their response was due to unfamiliar shifts in electromagnetic waves impinging upon their biofields which affected their emotional response.

The form of the Sasquatch is characteristic of terrestrial physicality. Its attributes such as materializing within light, communication process, sudden appearance/disappearance, transcend the limits of our three spatial dimensions. This suggests they may have more than three dimensions and can enter and move within our timespace.

We cannot conclusively state that its prime residence is on the earth's surface, nor that its earthbound constitution is constant. It may have the ability to generate energy to acquire and maintain a bipedal form.

Unusual occurrences can force us to reconsider our anthropocentric views of reality and contribute to the development of individual and societal interpretations of reality.

The Sasquatch is a particular property of nature embodied within nature. We are embodied within nature. Both are transformed under particular conditions. Sasquatch is our potent 'Elder Brother', who severs and depatterns us from the familiar. He communicates a system of knowledge operating within nature closed off from everyday perception. Once removed from the familiar we enter landscapes that test and break boundaries of self. Interpretations of these experiences are based on consciousness and individual differences. Sasquatch is a sign, a symbol, of unseen patterns emerging and becoming visible.


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Appendix: The Message