Who Mutilated The Cat?

Paul Dillon - The Surrey Leader - August 23, 1997

Lynn Brown is looking for answers after discovering the mutilated remains of her cat in the middle of a busy Newton street Saturday.

The pensioner's 12-year-old Burmese Siamese mix, Samantha, rarely left her housing complex.

Returning home Saturday from shopping, Brown noticed what she thought was a stuffed animal lying on 72 Avenue, four blocks from her home.

She pulled over and pointed the animal out to a man working in a nearby tire store.

To her horror, he returned with Samantha, who appeared to have been cut in half.

All that remained was the tiny feline's head and shoulder.

"I'm in absolute shock. It looks like she was severed in half with a sharp blade," said Brown.

"There was no blood or anything. I can't understand who or what would do this, but the SPCA said there haven't been any incidents of satanic rituals or things like that.

"They said I could drive it to Abbotsford and pay $100 for an analysis but it's pretty obvious that she was cut in half."

Despite a wide search of the area she and her neighbors never managed to locate the rest of the animal.

"The SPCA tried to convince me she was hit by a train, but I'd like to know how she made it from the tracks to 72 Avenue, two blocks away, without any internal organs," she said.

"People are saying it was connected to that machete attack last week. Another person said it's voodoo. None of us can understand what happened."