Surrey Mutilations

Reported by Ms. Sanderson, February 9, 2008


I have recently stumbled across your site. I have to say, I sit on the fence between believer and skeptic, but have found myself leaning the more that I read through it. It brought about memories of experiences I have had throughout my life that, as time went on, I have managed to file away.

An experience in particular that I would like to share with you is my own 'half cat'.

In the summer of 2003, I was living on Scott Road and 92nd Avenue in Surrey, BC, with my sister and her husband. It was mid August and we awoke one morning to find their family cat, severed cleanly in half lying on the front lawn, with absolutely no evidence of any kind of struggle. No loose fur, and no blood. Our first reaction was that it was done by a human. We contacted the police, who seemed relatively interested in our story, but never heard anything more about it.

This was not the first 'half cat' experience for my sister. A few years earlier, she had seen another cat, mutilated in the exact same manner while out walking near her home. What struck her, was that it had occurred at the same time of year, mid August.

A friend and neighbor, who lived in the same vicinity, within a block or two, found the head of her pug dog on her doorstep one morning. Again, the rest of its body was never recovered.

At the time, we assumed it was the work of some sick individual, after learning, only in the last few days, that this is not an incident isolated to our area, but all over the world, I felt compelled to relate my story to you.