Rabbits? Eh, What's Up, Doc?

by Graham Conway

In early May, 1996, Mike Strainic & I lectured to a capacity crowd at the Gabriola Community Center, on Gabriola Island, BC. Among our usual varied topics we touched briefly upon the half dozen half cats found in the city of Vancouver a couple of years ago. Michael also displayed several slides illustrating our subject.

Next morning, whilst six of us were having breakfast at a prominent island restaurant, we were approached by a lady who was sitting at an adjoining table.

Having attended our presentation the previous evening, she wished to inform us that about two weeks previously (mid March?) she had found the rear half of a rabbit outside her house. The animal was apparently cleanly cut in half, devoid of signs of blood, and the internal organs were seemingly present and intact. In addition she had found a chicken in the coop with its neck wrung. On further questioning she disclosed that on the previous evening to the discovery of the two dead animals, her dog had barked a great deal. However she didn't attach too much importance to that event. She promised to excavate the rabbit carcass, if practical, wash it off and photograph it.

If decay isn't too advanced, we are hopeful it may be a worthwhile exercise. We shall see.

Graham Conway - May 1996