The Mysterious Half Cats

by Bill Oliver, March 1998

On a beautiful warm Okanagan night, or in this case early morning, in June 1995, a Kelowna woman was in her kitchen. On looking out the window into the orchard she saw two brilliant lit cigar shaped objects moving slowly over the apple trees, at about thirty or forty feet of height. "They were a beautiful yellow colour" the woman said and as bright as they were she said she had no problem looking at them and they did not affect her sight. As they scoured the area the objects bathed the orchard in blue light and in the woman's words "seemed to be looking for something". The craft then began to slowly move from the back of the orchard and headed in the direction of the house. They now stopped directly next to the house over a garage addition and shone down white beams of light. Even stranger, the witness described the lights as broken up, "like a white line down the highway".

It is here where high strangeness enters the picture. The woman said that in retrospect a thought that passed through her mind during the sightings was her concern for the cats.

Neighbourhood cats would often congregate in the garage and this was now where the lights were "searching". The objects then "turned off" and left. The next day over a dozen cats in this area of Kelowna were missing and were never seen again.

Last fall our hotline received a call from a fellow in Burnaby who said that he witnessed, along with his brother, a dark shadowy figure run in front of them as they stood in the driveway of their home one rainy night. More disturbing, all three of his cats were gone. Oddly enough, the man said he witnessed the same dark figure as a young boy not far from the area. At that time the shadowy-shape ran into a bush.

The Kamloops area of BC was also privy to a rash of half cat mutilations as well, with a dozen or so cats mysteriously cut up. Same show, no blood, no muss, no apparent fuss and again, never a sign of struggle, no fur strewn about and no spilled blood.

Someone is doing something with our cats. Since the early nineties UFO*BC has been aware of the "Half Cat" mystery on the Lower Mainland. At this time the mutilated cats first showed up in Vancouver's West Side. In these instances cats had been sliced in half with great precision and then somehow drained of their blood (exsanguination). Never a drop to be found, with no stains at all on the remaining feline carcass (in these cases, half carcasses).

In the Surrey area last fall half cats started showing up again. I talked to two woman who were unfortunately "victims of the circumstance". Living about three or four miles apart, both woman found their own cats' remains. In the first case one of the woman was off to do some banking, oddly enough she said that morning she took the long way to the bank, and to her shock found her dead cat. It was placed to appear to be coming out of a manhole cover in the middle of the road. The woman pulled over and saw that it was her own cat cut in half. Like other cases the other half was nowhere to be found . As is the way, the culprit seemed to want his work to be noticed. The other unfortunate young woman found her cat in the alley behind her house. Devoid of all blood, showing no signs of struggle and once again cut in half. Perfectly! The SPCA is sticking to their guns that these are coyote attacks. Out of ignorance or in order to quell any panic, I don't know but that's their story and they're sticking to it!

It was with great surprise when I fell upon a similar story of half cats in upstate New York in a town called Lee which is close to the Hudson Valley. However, the "coupe de grace" came when I was thumbing through an old Fate Magazine recently and discovered that the Half Cats have also surfaced in Gulf Breeze (Florida), Plano (Texas), Fall's Church (Virginia) and St Louis (Missouri). In Fall's Church twenty cases were reported alone, with slightly less than that number showing up in St Louis.

It is interesting to note that like the Kelowna cases, UFO activity has been reported consistently in some of the areas where the cat mutes take place. In particular, upstate New York and Gulf Breeze have reached almost legendary status. I can also report that Kamloops and Surrey BC have an inordinate amount of UFO reports. Something tells me that with a bit of research you could probably find a report of UFOs being seen in Fall's Church as well. A coincidence? Maybe. A connection? I can't rule it out. Can you?