Cat Killings Begin Again

Dave Steeves - Kamloops This Week - Sunday March 15, 1998

Another rash of cat killings could be threatening Kamloop's pets. Two feline carcasses have been found in the past two weeks.

City bylaw service supervisor Bruce MacIver is warning cat owners to not allow their pets to roam after two brutal killings.

"Keep the cats inside, especially right now. It started last year at this time and it looks like it's starting up again."

On February 27, the back half of a cat was found near Schubert Drive on the North Shore. The front half of the cat has not been found. "It's quite similar to those of last year," says MacIver.

On March 4, a cat was found wrapped in a blanket and burned to death in the same area.

"We don't know if the cat was dead or alive when it happened."

In 1997, 17 cats and one dog were found slain in the Kamloops area.

Kamloops RCMP were unable to locate any suspects.

MacIver says the killings started in April last year and fears there may be more.

"We've had a few people call and ask if we picked up their cat and if it's been mutilated."