1. Name: Mrs. L. M. Blanchard Address: New Westminster, BC
2. Date of Observation: August 24, 1957    12:30PM
3. Location of Observer: Easterly direction
4. Duration of Observation: About 30 minutes, maybe more
5. Weather: Clear
6. Description and Behaviour: Pulsating movement coming forward and going backward.

a. Appearance - Sharp or blurred - Shape? Sharp & round
b. Sound? No sound
c. Colour? Blue & white, very brilliant
d. Did object change shape? From large to small
e. Did object change colour? Slightly when larger, an orange tinge
f. Give off smoke? No
g. Did object fall like a leaf? No
h. Flicker and pulsate? Yes, very much
i. Any other points of interest? The movement of this object was very pulsative in movement.  It would go up and then down and then from side to side as if it were travelling in a pattern.

7. Apparent size of object by comparison with penny held at arm's length: About a 50 cent piece
8. Direction of travel: East to southeast then on to south
9. Estimated speed: Slow in speed as if observing
10. Estimated height and distance: It's height rather low.  This is hard to judge because of its movement up and down.