UPDATED - July 23rd, 2020

20-Jan-2019, Sunshine Coast, BC:

Since likely many of the cameras on the lower coast are aimed at the sky tonight I wonder if anyone saw this. These are photos taken about an hour ago facing NW over the Malaspina at an altitude I would suggest of 3000' and somewhere about mid-point over the strait. These are not flares and they are not aircraft. They were stationary unlike flares and aircraft could not do. They were there, then they were not. I have a lot of experience in "night lights" having been a former cold war era military air traffic controller in the RCAF. The last photo is a cropped close-up having been run through a deconvulsion engine to get better pixel distribution.

UFO*BC Responds:

I was just going to post your very interesting photos on our website and wanted to check a few things. What was your location when you saw those objects? What is “the Malaspina”? (I hope that is not a stupid question. I have lived on the west coast for 65 years and I don’t know!)

Dave Pengilly

Witness Responds:

Hi Dave. I was down at Sargeant Bay Provincial Park along with quite a few others to watch the Blood Moon the other night around 8:20pm. SBPP is on Redrooffs Road in the Sunshine Coast Regional District about 14km north of Sechelt. The Malaspina is that body of water that separates much of the two Sunshine Coasts from Vancouver Island and is generally the northern part of the Strait of Georgia. Its lower end is usually considered to be that region of the lower coast from north of Sechelt past Texada Island up to the upper Sunshine Coast and Powell River - a span of about 100kms. You can also use the term Strait of Georgia for that region we are in and it is more or less subjective as to what term to use. The park enjoys dark skies and is almost directly across the strait SE to Nanaimo, S to Metro Vancouver and W to NW to the Island regions around Qualicum. As you know that is the area of the inside waters that is the weapons testing range. I have the original unaltered images of the sighting that I took. The ones I sent you were run through filters to extract the best image quality I can get on my system and to reduce pixelation. Several others also saw the three lights. Many thought they were aircraft or flares but they did not move like aircraft do nor drift like flares. They remained in constant altitude and position. They did not twinkle or vary in luminosity. They were certainly not astronomical objects either because they were well below the ecliptic. In addition they were almost constant in colour and luminosity then they disappeared after about 10 minutes. I have seen several UAP anomalies in this area over the years especially on clear nights but since our skies are often cloudy this sighting of an anomaly with this clarity is rare. I estimate the height of these anomalies to be 2000' - 3000' at about 14km distance from me. I would suggest that the angle of reference ground to anomaly was about 30 degrees +/-. Hard to tell in the dark without a good clear visual ground reference on the Island. I was a former Air Traffic Controller in days long gone by in the RCAF and was an observer to an anomaly event that transpired over Montreal, The Southern Townships and the New England states over a period of two days if I recollect correctly (long time ago) in which both ground and air staff and aircraft were involved in an extended sighting. The official record we signed referred to the event as fireballs but fireballs do not change altitude or direction. I still have some remaining skill from those days to differentiate between aircraft and astronomical objects and anomalies which were/are UAP events. What is interesting in the close up cropped photo from an enhanced photo of the three lights is the very apparent structure visible along the edges of the anomaly. For me this makes them an Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. Anyway, let me know if you need anything else. Cheers!

27-Jan-2019, Langley, BC: (4:30 pm)

I was sitting on my balcony in Langley, when I spotted a slow moving red light in the sky. It was still too early in the afternoon to see any stars. I thought it may be a planet, but it was definitely moving across the sky in a south westerly direction. The time was 4:30 pm. I called to my husband and he brought out our binoculars and then our telescope to get a better look. The object seemed to be turning from side to side. My husband described it as an open ended life saver shape with bright red lights at either end of the opening.

If it was a ship, it seemed to be trying to get it’s bearings. Once it seemed to have done that it quickly moved up into the atmosphere and disappeared. It was shiny and slowly turned on it’s axis. We assumed the red lights were engines and the body of the object glinted in the setting sun, making the object look like it was flashing red and white.

We have seen a lot of planes and such in the sky at night, but this object did not continue across the sky as they do, as on a flight path. It was there and then it wasn’t.

10-Feb-2019, North Delta, BC:

So this is from yesterday Feb.10 2019. The view is from the bottom of Terrace drive and river road North Delta looking North above New Westminster.

It was 6am and it lasted for about 20 minutes. I had to leave to work so couldn't stay but since I was heading towards Burnaby I kept looking and eventually it disappeared. It was a perfectly clear morning, stars were out. I tried to discern if clouds were obscuring lights on the mountains but there were none and one mountain's lights are in full view.

What I saw - a triangle of lights. One light or two would disappear and reappear. An extra light emerged from one of the lights and moved away and disappeared. The triangle would shrink in size then expand, and I could visually see it rotate on its axis, keeping its shape, one light would disappear behind the light in the foreground and reappear. As if it were spinning. It was most certainly not ski run lights because they were moving. I have never noticed those lights before and I drive down that street all the time, that's why they caught my eye. Haven't looked to see exactly what mountain that lined up with or if it was even over the mountain. There are also no visible cranes on any of the high rise buildings. Let me know what you think.

Early Mar-2019, Nanaimo, BC:

I don't know the exact date, but about 6 weeks ago I was driving on the island hwy in Nanaimo, BC. It was very early morning and very foggy. I looked up at the foggy sky and noticed a very bright white light moving at about 30-40 km per hr from west to east for about 20 seconds until it disappeared in the fog. Now, there is no way a plane or helicopter would be flying this low in very foggy conditions. I would never have known how to report this until I just discovered this site, and this is not the only ufo sighting I've experienced on Vancouver Island. I have seen about 4-5 very curious looking ufo's over the years - one round in shape and red in colour, moving slowly across the sky at night over Victoria, turning 90 degrees without slowing or speeding up, too slow to be a plane and at 2 am in the morning can't see this being a helicopter. I happened to have a very powerful laser pointer on me so I had pointed it at it. It stopped for a split second then continued. I wish I had thought of recording the incident but was too caught up in the moment.

20-March-2019, Chehalis Campground, BC: (1 am)

On Wednesday March 29th at 1am on the dot, a bright colourful object flew over my tent while camping in Chehalis Recreational Campground. There was no sound and I was far enough away from the road so I know it wasn't a car's lights reflecting off of the trees. The lights on this object were bright and multi colored but by no means blinding. But made my heart stop for a few seconds. It was travelling southwest and I can't tell you how fast but if I was to guess probably around 200 km at a height of around 100 feet. But again just guessing. At first when I saw it for a split second I thought meteor, but then the colourful lights registered and then how low it was and the speed and I just knew it was something else.

Very cool and I love the thought of seeing a ufo. Not the first time I have seen one. But it is the first time reporting one.

Thx for reading.

1-Apr-2019, Nanaimo, BC:

1-Apr-2019, Nanaimo, BC:

Have you received any reports regarding strange, brilliant, white flashing lights over / near north Nanaimo last night?

I contacted RCMP here and their response was ‘strange’. The officer said “we have been told to tell you that it’s a kite”.

These lights were perfectly stationary, no movement at all. We used the constellation of Ursa Major as a reference point.

We were viewing them ne 60 degrees from our deck. A direct line to the mainland puts them approx Gibson/ Vancouver area.

Any information would be gratefully received

UFOBC Responds:

We did receive a video last night that we haven't posted online yet. I will forward you a copy for now. (we have now posted it)

Witness Responds:

Thanks for forwarding these. Yes they are the same 'lights' obviously from a different angle.

I live in North Nanaimo and witnessed them from home with my two youngest sons (13 and 11 years old.)

20:50 - took my dog out before settling for the night. as always I turned off the back door light to scan / view the sky conditions (I have 'built' a prototype sky viewing platform that needs testing) as I do each evening at around this time. I noticed three very bright lights flashing.

20:55 - after collecting a pair of binoculars, my camera and iPhone I called my boys out onto our upstairs deck to see these lights. They were not in a straight line, but close proximity to each other, and directly below the 'pan handle' of Ursa Major. We were looking NE 60 degrees as per app on iPhone.

We watched the lights with great curiosity, postulating, guessing and theorizing what they could be.

21:10 - approx - my 13 yr old noticed a smaller light that seemed to move from the North towards these lights, smaller, flashing but not as bright.

21:15 - approx - smaller fourth light began to fade and move back North.

21:20 - approx - the three lights began moving North, still as bright, still moving slowly yet in a very stable and controlled way

21:25 approx - lights were all but out of sight, dimmed, not as viewable as previously.

21:25 - I called the non-emergency RCMP line and spoke to a dispatch officer. She told me that there were reports of these lights and an officer had been dispatched and investigated. The officer returned his call stating all was well. The next thing she told me raised my suspicions.
"We have been told to tell you that it's kites..." - I didn't ask what they were, I didn't prompt this reply.
I asked where the officer had been as I was in the North End, she wouldn't say.
I asked for the responding officer's name and contact number, she wouldn't give it out.
I asked if the official story is still kites, as the wind / breeze that evening would not be conducive to the stable, stationary state that these lights were in. She said it's kites.

21:47 - I contacted the Global News desk in Vancouver and asked if they had any such reports, briefly outlining the contents of this e-mail. He said they hadn't and were very interested. Finishing the conversation they asked if any video was available. I said I hadn't any due to light pollution, ambient lighting from my home interfering with my phone and camera.

To conclude. I dismiss out of hand any kind of kite or 'drone' activity causing this effect. The wind speeds at altitude would not allow for such a steady and stable control of such. We used the constellation Ursa Major as a reference point to deem if the light were moving, swaying or being buffeted by the wind. They were not.

A quick google bounce does however show a number of years ago a man did fly a box kite with a lantern attached, since then this seems to be the go to 'remedy'.

I don't doubt that the explanation is man made, but not kites and not drones.

The path of this lights did mirror another interesting siting the day before, again these may have been 'balloons' or kites, but their motion and lack of interference from nature makes me doubt this.

Hope this helped a little.

4-May-2019, Vancouver, BC:

This was Saturday night atop Queen Elizabeth park facing east. I have two more videos if you want them I would like to remain anonymous in this I am just curious as to what the were pretty sure they are not drones due to the distance they traveled

23-May-2019, Mill Bay. BC:

I took this picture of the sky when I saw something in the clouds when I zoomed in on it this is what I saw. This was near millbay b.c. zoom in on the circled area.

UFO*BC Responds:

Thanks for the photo. Sadly the detail just isn’t there to make any type of positive identification. On the balance of probability (meaning in all likelihood) it is a bird, with the central bulge being the body and the wings on each side mid flight.

Now, could it be a craft? Sure – but there simply isn’t enough information to tell.

Having said all of that, I would very much like to have more details of the event – date/time, location, direction (facing). If it was an object perhaps someone else saw it as well, and can add to the details.

26-May-2019, Maple Ridge, BC: (11:30 pm)

I live in Maple Ridge BC, Silver Valley. Approximately 11:35 pm, I was witnessing bursts of bright white light high in the sky in the South. I was looking at the same lights directly overhead, one of them shot North! As I turned to face North, 4 circular objects in a direct line traveling West to East passed by! They were equally spaced. Then the two middle objects became closer and they all adjusted their speed. At that time also there was sparkling orange lights being emitted from all four objects!!! I ran inside, got my wife and she saw them also as they travelled East! Totally blown away by what I witnessed.

31-May-2019, Rolley Lake, BC: (3:00 am)

Writing this while it's still fresh in my memory before I go to sleep. I was at the beach at Rolley Lake in British Columbia, about an hour outside Vancouver at around 3:00 am on May 31, 2019. Me and a friend were chatting and looking at the constellations when my friend noticed about 8 moving objects flying in a straight line from North to South. They almost looked like stars but in a traveling formation and two of them were even beside each other. Including some of the stragglers, there had to have been over 10 objects in total all moving on the exact same path. What made me think they weren't satellites was their uniform formation and how the lights would dim and disappear, only to reappear down the projected path seconds later. It was similar to an object I saw last Summer over Hayward lake. I hope to start seeing them more often.

Summer 2019, Harrison Lake, BC:

I was falling timber above 26km on the E Harrison from June thru August. On the first day I heard a loud noise from way above and looked skyward for the fighter jets I assumed were the source, but I saw nothing. This went on for about two weeks; RCAF jets out of Abbotsford on scheduled training flights? I never saw any aircraft of that nature, even on clear days. I saw commercial jets that appeared to be in and out of YVR, and higher altitude intercontinental carriers probably originating from LA, Seattle or London and Frankfurt.

Then I started to think. The noise was louder than the Snowbirds,  Blue Angels, even the F-18's I had observed at close range over my home in Kamloops on take off and approach into YKA on Canada and Memorial Days over the years. Also the craft was moving fast, way faster than a fighter jet, but it wasn't moving far... then it came to me. The noise was coming from way above and down in trajectory. Not only that but the noise was popping in and gaining force before slowing down and tapering out. It was nearly above my location, slightly NW right above the middle of Harrison lake. I never saw a thing. After I came to this conclusion, the frequency of the event was less, or I was cutting more and hearing less. Nevertheless the phenomenon continued until I was finished the setting and left the valley. That was a month ago. (Reported 2-Oct-2019)

UFO*BC Responds:

Thank you for your email. Just to get a bit more information about your audio experience (we can’t call it a sighting as you didn’t see anything).
Was the sound a daily event from June to August or just over a particular stretch of time?
How long did the sound/noise last?
Did it repeat at regular intervals, days/times?
How far away from you would you say it was?
When you say moving fast, you mean the source of the noise was moving?

A few things to ponder:
We have the Abbotsford airshow the 2nd week of August, and that does include a multitude of jet aircraft, but that wouldn’t fit in with the June date of your email.
Could it have been some type of unmuffled skidder or heli-logging operation? They couldn’t be faster than a jet, but then again, few things are.

Looking forward to your answers!
Richard, UFO*BC

Witness Responds:

Twice, sometimes three times in a week when I started the job. I don't think it was ever on consecutive days, always around noon time and there was a regularity to it. The duration was 7 seconds.

I always thought I would see a jet pulling through a hard turn. That's what it sounded like. The noise of it increasing and then fading out like the pilot was letting go of the stick and throttle at the end of the shot. It became less frequent towards the end of my time there. I was working right above the lake/ E Harrison FS Road at 26km on 100% slope between 350 and 500 m above the lake. I remember looking uphill and then straight up above for the source at the start of it all. Then I found myself looking up and above the lake after I had the thing pegged... but never saw anything.

It was way up when and where it started, and it was moving at high velocity, it even sounded like it was pushing against the force of gravity as the energy of the sound increased.  It makes me wonder what happened to it at the end of the event because it was serene, like "Houston, the Eagle has landed".

UFO*BC Responds:

One question: I have a friend who was a logger and he needed to wear a hard hat and ear protection for WCB while on the cut – assuming you have the same requirement, did you hear it with your ear protection on or just when you had them off? I’m trying to gauge the sound dB level of whatever it was, and therefore possibly wondering if the sound could have happened more often but due to the hearing protection you couldn’t notice it. Thanks! R

Witness Responds:

There is a stream at 24km, camp sites on both sides of the river. We stayed there and drove up to the trailhead at around 26km. We hiked up until it got too far and needed to fly into the setting; a Sirkorsky S-61 flew the wood to a landing at about 28km, a Jet Ranger flew us up and down the hill. If I had my ear muffs on and my saw, even at an idle, I would have never been able to hear it. I was not cutting at the time whenever I heard it. The timber was big fir on very steep ground so there is lots of moving around with the saw off between cuts; some trees were bucked into 5 or 6 pieces to facilitate yarding. I saw and heard lots of private planes and helicopters flying up and down the lake and I could hear and see the commercial airliners at 30 to 40,000 ft as they flew by. The sound of the unidentified craft was way louder than all other aircraft and it was right there, right above me in that  area. There is no way that I should have not seen something. I heard it in camp and fishing at the outlet of the stream at 24km where it flows into the lake on a couple occasions as well. The sound was always the same and always in the same spot.

1-Jun-2019, White Rock, BC:

Hi, bright white light with small red light beside it hovered over the water off of white rock for the night.

A plane even approached it and turned around!

Sat evening June 1st.

10-Jun-2019, Vancouver, BC:

I sent these but may have messed up so this is a resend of pictures taken a split second apart on a notepad made by ASUS brand (kool). I think it is 8 megapixels.

I never noticed that object in the sky and heard nothing. Friends say it is a plane.

UFO*BC Responds:

We zoomed in on the original images and the object in the second photo is clearly a bird. Our conclusion is that there must have been at least a few seconds delay between the pictures.

15-July-2019, Victoria, BC: (5 - 6 pm)

I saw this object from the backyard of my apartment in mid-July, 2017 around 17h-18h. The object was coming from the south and although the video makes it look like the object was far away, with my eyes it was about 300 metres. The vessel was always in movement (ex: turning around almost backward) and when it passed my home as you can see in the video, I went inside to go to the front and in about 10 second when I got to the front the object was really far in the sky and it was spraying white stuff and I lost it from my vision after 2 or 3 spray.

20-July-2019, White Rock, BC: (11:50 pm)

We would like to report a UFO experience last night around 11:50pm in White Rock, B.C.

We were star gazing finding a bunch of satellites, shooting stars, and planes, and flashing our flashlight up into the sky trying to contact UFO's. Eventually after seeing no movement in the sky, one flash of our flashlight in the sky between stars in a black space, a blueish white light flashed directly where the flashlight lit up. It came up suddenly flashed a couple times, it was the size of a distant star, and brighter than the ones around it. After a couple of flashlight flashes, it disappeared and showed up a few km south, flashed a couple more times then disappeared completely.

Not able to get this on video because we were not expecting to get a response like this but was a very intriguing and chilling experience.

Thank you.

31-Jul-2019, Surrey, BC:

Hi there. My name is Gary. I live in Surrey, BC near 108 Ave and 140 Street. I saw an object tonight when I stepped out onto my balcony and looked up  and turned my head left. I thought it was a star or a plane but it didn't have blinking lights like a plane. It was moving quickly. I took three pics as quick as I could, before it was gone out of my sight. This is the second time I have seen something like this. I never thought I would be able to see it again. Kinda of cool! I am not sure if I should report this to the media or not. I know how they make fun of stuff to do with UFO's. Can u tell me what u think and if there are more reports in my area? U might have to brighten the picture.

Thanks, Gary.

UFO*BC Responds:

Hi Gary,

Thanks for the email and what you saw WAS a space ship, only this one is certainly man made. You saw the ISS (International Space Station).


Reported 3-Aug-2019
3-Aug-2019, Coquitlam, BC
: (10:22 pm)

Saw this tonight in Coquitlam BC. No sound other than 3 of us talking. The sighting was at 10:22 PM facing 66* NE. The entire sighting lasted approximately 4 minutes with the object travelling directly above our heads and disappearing at a height of 1000M or more.

Not sure what it was.

Reported 4-Aug-2019
4-Aug-2019, Aldergrove Lake, BC

This sighting involved multiple, high-altitude, silver, circular craft, seen from the ground at Aldergrove Lake Provincial Park on August 4th between 16:00 to 16:43. The majority of the craft were traveling west to east at an extremely high rate of speed (covering 50 degrees in less than 1-2 seconds using fist method). As a reference, the local air traffic was covering the same distance, likely at significantly lower altitude, in 4-6 seconds. There was also no visible con-trail as there was with the high altitude commercial crafts. Other unidentified crafts were traveling south to north at high rates speed as well. Both sets of crafts were making high speed right angle and S-turns and were clearly under control. Again, the altitudes of these craft were significantly higher than commercial air traffic. In all, there were 9 craft seen or perhaps 5 craft recirculating in the area. I’d periodically lose sight of the craft due to their altitude, velocity and maneuvering. The weather conditions were clear, cloudless, 31 degrees Celsius.

I tried to debunk this sighting by identifying known airborne objects. I used a Sony DSLR with 120x zoom for this purpose. Aldergrove Lake Park lies under the glide path of two major airports, YVR and YXX. All commercial and and civil aircraft were easily identified and traveling significantly slower than the unidentifiable craft. In addition, they were easily tracked and brought into focus with my camera. I was unable to track or focus on the unidentified craft. My guess would be that this was due to their velocity and altitude. Other airborne objects included birds at varying altitudes, mostly starlings, crows and the odd eagle and were readily identifiable. Large cluster of cottonwood pollen were seen, but this was slow moving and washed likely at altitude of less than 1000 ft. No other objects, balloons, drones, kites etc were seen. I am aware we are entering a period of meteor showers. Having seen many, I can say these were not meteors.

I believe this is a credible sighting. For clarity, I am trained observer (military / first responder). I do not wear prescription glasses and was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

29-Aug-2019, Campbell River, BC: (11 pm)

My wife, my son and I were vacationing in Campbell River, our room at the Anchor Inn and Suites overlooked the water towards Quadra Island. On Thursday August 29, 2019 at approximately 11:00 pm a very bright orange light appeared over the treeline of Quadra Island to the right of the light house, hovered there for 10 minutes then disappeared.

Approximately 20 minutes later the orange light appeared again, and about 10 minutes after that a second bright orange light appeared next to the first one. Looking through my binoculars my wife, my son and I saw what we would describe as an object with two layers of small orange lights. I took out my cell phone and captured photos and videos of this object. In one video you can see the bright orange light in the sky, the light flashing from the lighthouse, and a ship passing left to right past the lighthouse and orange light in the sky.

I will send photos and videos.

UFO*BC Responds: The witness was contacted and asked to verify the direction he was facing when he took the above video. The following map was sent to him.

Witness Responds: "I would like to confirm that the orange bright light(s) that we saw and filmed were above and to the right of the Cape Mudge Lighthouse looking across from the Anchor Inn and Suites towards Quadra Island."

18-Sep-2019, Aldergrove, BC: (10 pm to 11:15 pm)

There’s an object currently in the sky in the Glenn Valley area near Aldergrove. I cannot tell a shape or orientation of the lights but I’ve been watching this object move for over an hour and it hasn’t left my sight. It’s moved back and forth maybe a few feet but likely farther as it is far away. It is hard to see with your eyes but I could tell it was moving. I could see the lights fade slightly but it looked more like it was traveling through clouds. I got binoculars to look closer but it was hard to focus as the object was moving so much. I noticed it at around 10pm this evening (Sep 18) and I can still see it now (11:15). I took a break in the last half hour but when I just checked it, it now appears higher in the sky then previously but also closer toward me (looked farther away before but lower in the sky). What I can or can’t see remains the same. I see red, green, and I think white lights. Erratic quick movements going in all directions but not moving very far, I also saw it move in circular motions all these movements appeared intentional. I tried flashing my flash light at it and it appeared to slow down but that could be a coincidence. It could possibly be a drone but the movements are strange and doesn’t make sense not to mention the life of a battery one the generic ones would never last that long. My other thought it there is a military base near by maybe they have really advanced drones.... Just looking to see if anyone knows what this could be or if someone has seen something similar.

19-Sep-2019, Quadra Island, BC:

I was wondering if this was the page to report a sighting?! My friend and myself watched 2 bright white lights hover over Quadra it was very much apparent that they did not move like any air craft we have seen. No sound! No movement. Close together in uniform almost, then faded away quickly.

UFO*BC Responds:

Thanks for the information. If possible, could you please give a more detailed report so I can put it on our website? What time did you see the objects. Where were you when you had the sighting? What direction were you facing? How many degrees above the horizon were they (0 degrees being right on the horizon and 90 degrees being directly above you)? How long did you view them before they faded away?


20-Sep-2019, Powell River, BC: (9:50 pm)

Last night at 9:50 PM September 20, 2019 my partner and I were drawn to a sparkling point of light in the sky. The colours were white with sparkles of green and red. This circle didn't move at first and seemed to be suspended in place. But looking through weak binoculars we were able to watch changes happening. Small separate points rotating green and red lights maneuvered around a larger orb array of lights. The large circle went from flashing mostly white to joining the small points in flashing red and green so its surface resembled an LED flashlight but with each small port of light twinkling quickly, separately. A small point of flashing light pulled away from the large circle of lights but seemed to be in communication almost like an insect at a hive. Then they began to dart up and back in dog fight fashion then returning to forming the orb. This suspended display went on to the west of Powell River perhaps near Harwood Island for about 20 minutes (we were looking from Manson Ave) then seemed to drift off to the north where we lost sight of it through the trees.

Witness Addition: 28-Sep-2019:

I want to get some others to look up at this twinkling point tonight. It is clearly visible and with my binoculars I can see the two distinct points the large orb has many sparkling ports and the small point is below and twinkling red and green and white. Can any one else see it? This is the fourth night we've seen it. It is almost stationary in the same area of the sky each clear night.

UFO*BC Responds:

We find that any object seen "each clear night" that is described as "twinkling" with colours of "red", "green" and "white" is almost always an astronomical object. Our first choice would be Arcturus. Visible in the right area, direction and one really bright beasty. It is low enough to the horizon that atmospheric distortion will make it quite a fancy light show.

Richard, UFO*BC

20-Sep-2019, Powell River, BC:

I am confirming the sighting of an object in the northwest of Powell River on Sept 20 2019. We have been watching this object for several nights, it seems to be stationary and very bright with twinkling clear lights and some red and green. Also with a white orb interacting with it. Very interesting.

23-Sep-2019, Cumberland, BC: (5:00 am)

On Sept 23, 2019 at about 0500 I departed my home in Cumberland, BC on my side by side to go hunting up Idle Creek, Via Trent River forestry road. Between the 11 and 10 km Marker heading southbound I noticed what appeared to be bright headlights on the ridge to my SW. thinking that it was another hunter I slowed to a stop to get a better look and determine the direction they where headed to avoid them so I could get into my area and be the only person there for first light. Immediately I noticed another light appear in what looked as if it was turned up like a dimmer switch. At this point I am thinking that they were possibly logging and equipment is being fired up. Then another 3 lights appeared and were slightly staggered, this caught my attention immediately and to get a better look I shut down my machine and lights. A soon as I did this Being almost black out. I could see clearly that the bottom 3 lights were moving in an erratic almost zig-zagging pattern in and out of the trees. Later, looking at my location on my gps that I had been recording my track line with, I determined that they were about 3000 feet away from where I was parked. Within about 2-3 min I observed what I would describe as glowing pulsating orbs interchange with one another and turning on and off in complete silence. This gave me a bit of a fright and I immediately felt it was time for me to leave. I started up my machine and was just about to turn around and I stopped again thinking to myself this is ridiculous your not letting this ruin your hunting trip man, so I shut off the lights and machine again to make sure I wasn't just mistaking these for equipment. As soon as I did this I noticed that they had stopped moving and were stationary and it FREAKED ME RIGHT OUT! My gut said run and that is exactly what I did. I would really like to hear if anyone else has seen anything like this in the Comox Valley or if there is any possibility as to the Comox military base having any account of these objects being spotted as it is only about 40km to the north. This has really shook me up as I absolutely have loved solo hunting early morning and last light for years. I wish this never happened to me. I don't feel at all safe in the woods alone anymore. Its one thing to see a Ufo in the sky but seeing these things coming and going through the trees in my back yard is very disturbing.

25-Sep-2019, Campbell River, BC: (11:40 pm)

I saw an orange like ball of light hovering over Quadra Island on Sept. 25th 2019 at 1140 PM. I was on my deck in Campbell River looking at Quadra and noticed the light because it had never been there before. I focused my eyes and noticed it was hovering kinda going up and down a little and for about a good minute of witnessing that I called my mom out on to the deck because I told her I am witnessing a saucer. She noticed it and saw it moving (hovering) and we both watched it just vanish and all over my body was covered in goosebumps. It's crazy, it's not the first time I've seen one over Quadra and it's a little terrifying cause they're here and there definitely needs to be more awareness of them visiting cause they may not be good. Anyways cheers from Campbell River, British Columbia.

28/29-Sep-2019, Elk Bay, BC:

I would like to corroborate the sighting that was reported from Powell River on Sept. 20 & 28.  I saw the exact same object on Sept. 28 & 29, only from a more northerly location.

We were camping at Elk Bay on September 28th of this year, and at approximately 10:00 pm saw a very bright object in the sky. The stars are all particularly bright from that area, as there are no city lights to obscure them. The twinkling of the star caught my attention, and I assumed it was Venus, as there were multiple colours involved. My first observation was with the naked eye. When I put on my prescription lenses, I discovered that the object was definitely not Venus - where Venus sparkles pink and purple, these colours were white, red and green. That piqued my interest, and I got out a pair of low-resolution binoculars. What I saw through them simply astounded me. The object had flashing lights much like on top of an emergency vehicle. It seemed to have two distinct parts, top and bottom, but connected in the middle. I've often observed white and red objects in the night sky, but never green ones. Also, the white light emanating from the object caused it to have an intermittent glowing pulse. This made me think that it was much closer than any star. It stayed stationary, so was not a plane, satellite or the ISS. Arcturus has a reddish-orange hue, and there was nothing orange about this object.

10-Oct-2019, Okanagan Falls, BC: (8:15 pm)

I live in OKANAGAN Falls, with a good view to the east side of the valley. Last night October 10 approximately 8:15 in the evening I observed a bright orange burning  ball of  light moving slowly south along the east side of the valley. I called my wife to come out on the back deck and see the bright orange light. We observed the ball of light move more slowly to the south, then stop and hover in one spot for 2 minutes, then slowly descend. It was then we realized that the fiery orange ball was located between us and the mountain with the radio and tv towers on it, we could see the orange fiery light with the mountain in the background. The light descended lower in the sky till we could not see it from our back deck. We believe it dropped into a valley while travelling south and disappeared from our view. Total time of observation was approximately 4 minutes.
   Later the same night I am sitting in our HotTub watching the clear eastern sky at about 11pm. The same fiery orange ball we had observed earlier that evening appeared in the sky on the east side of the valley and moved slowly into OKANAGAN Falls from the North. The orange ball looked fiery and as it moved it glowed brighter and dimmer, as the ball came to a stop and hovered closer to town than it had earlier, glowing brighter and dimmer. The light then moved more to the east side side of the valley, then  slowly flew south down the valley till it was obstructed by trees. My wife and I had never have seen anything like the orange fiery ball before. We have had a daylight sighting of a cylinder shaped UFO that lasted a few seconds in the winter of 2000 just outside of Oliver, BC. Hope someone else was witness to the fiery orange ball that travelled south thru OK falls just after 8 and 11 pm on October 10. A night sky watcher.

27-Oct-2019, Victoria, BC:

Was walking the break water in Victoria bc, saw an UFO with two dim lights flying sideways. Had no blinking lights, and was a light white shade. It almost looked like it had an outline around these lights. It was rectangular in shape. It made no sound passing by. It was also flying fairly low.

29-Oct-2019, Surrey, BC: (7:00 am)

The morning of 29th Oct around 7:00 AM PST when its still dark at this time of the year in Canada, after getting up for work I was dropping the curtains of my rooms noticed 4 lights floating in the sky. They were seen diagonally floating in-line with each other and not moving at all. Living in high-rise buildings(King George facing west) especially on 24th floor the view was very clear.

At first I thought those are planes taking off but when I zoomed my phone camera they were actual lights separated from each other at almost equal distance not tied to anything just floating in the sky. One of the lights deemed after 20 mins and then eventually after 30 to 33 mins all 4 of the lights disappeared around 7:33 AM PST.

I thought this to be very unusual so reported. I have also reported to couple of astronomical societies like THE NATIONAL UFO REPORTING CENTER, Island County Astronomical Society, CBC Vancouver news.

Visited your website and saw a similar case with 3-Aug-2019, Coquitlam, BC: (10:22 pm)

Similar kind of Floating lights and disappeared gradually.

Please feel free to reach out to me for any questions and concerns.
Please find attached image of the unusual floating lights in Surrey.

28-Nov-2019, Sechelt, BC: (midnight)

On November 28, 2019 at 12:00am I witnessed a single vehicle moving in a circular motion and periodically jumping in unpredictable ways. At one point it shot vertically roughly 2km in approximately 1 second and then stopped. As I was observing its movements I scanned the sky and located two other crafts which seemed to almost be monitoring the first one I saw. At one point the three sat still and almost seemed like they were communicating through light transmission. At about 3:00 am the two that were furthest away disappeared and only the one closest which I have video evidence of sat almost still as if it was monitoring the populated area below. Around 5:30-6:00 am a small aircraft flying north about 2000 feet below the craft; as it got close forced the craft to freeze and its lights even froze. As soon as it passed it carried on it’s hovering motion. When it became dawn it slowly backed away into the distance. There were aircraft that were dispatched briefly after from the direction of Comox airforce base that flew circles around the area then left.

12-Dec-2019, Nanaimo, BC: (8:00 PM)

To whom it may concern,

On Dec 12, 2019 at approximately 8:00pm I was sitting in my hot tub enjoying the evening looking  South East over Departure Bay and Newcastle Island. There was an approximate 1500 ft overcast ceiling and it had just rained.

I looked towards the North East end of Newcastle Island and saw what I thought to be a very low  bright light  that appeared to have different colours. It was stationary at about 1000 to 1500 feet and not moving at all. There were no flashing lights, the lights appeared to just shine.

I thought this very strange because after living here for 16 years and sitting out on my deck at night I did not recall ever seeing a star in that position or that low in the horizon. No radio towers exist in that direction.

After watching it intently for about 10 minutes and being  amazed I was seeing a light there on a very low overcast sky, I passed it off for the time being as a star shining through an opening in the clouds and possibly being amplified  by haze or fog. However it  never left my mind as it totally baffled me.

I remained in the  tub for another 45 minutes and every now and then turned to see the light still there, not moving or flashing. At around the 45 minute mark I saw the light begin  to move and lights flashing. I immediately turned off the pump on the tub to listen for the tell tale sound of a helicopter or a plane. Dead silence. In the part of Departure Bay where we live, any plane, helicopter or other vehicle passing over, through our nearby is ALWAYS heard as Departure Bay’s natural geography amplifies, echoes and reverberates all sounds. I always hear every fixed wing  plane or chopper  that passes over or nearby.

The object slowly moved across Departure Bay in front  of me in a  South West  direction  always maintaining about 1500 feet and about 1/2 to 1 mile from my position making a slow arc towards and over  Nanaimo area and then completing an arc back over the the North East end of Gabriola and then appeared to move out across Georgia Straight eventually disappearing into the clouds and out of sight.

I am 64 years of age , I have been watching the skies since I was about 8 years old hoping to see something that I could verify as being possibly extraterrestrial.

Never in my life have I seen anything even remotely, that was unexplainable in any way until now.  This is the very first time I can honestly say I saw something  worth reporting as a UFO.


- remained in a stationary position, for no apparent  reason, no flashing lights.

- The time of night when surveillance would not be  practicable.

- Totally silent

- Began to move with flashing lights after a significantly long period

- low in the sky (approx 1500 feet  max)

- far too large for any private  drone.

I am a retired professional WCB Occupational Safety Officer. For what its worth.


29-Dec-2019, Vanderhoof, BC: (6:00 PM)

I am from Vanderhoof BC and at about 600 pm outside my house I witnessed 10 to 20 lights moving in a perfectly straight line heading west. Taking up the entire Vanderhoof sky. They disappeared and usually we can see sat and planes far off into the distance. Right after they disappeared a bright and giant white light then floated  north and disappeared. I am an avid stargazer and have seen many unexplainable things but this is a first for groups of them. I feel its important to let someone know. I'm so excited right now what a journey is soon to start.

UFO*BC Responds:

What you saw were the Starlink satellites deployed by Spacex. There aren't many yet, but they plan to deploy about 120 a month for the next few years.

There is a website where you can enter your location of Vanderhoof, as I did, and it will tell you the times and dates that the satellites will be visible.


Dave Pengilly

29 December    STARLINK 1059    3.1    17:45:36    10°    WSW    17:48:28    53°    SSE   17:49:32    32°    ESE
29 December    STARLINK 1043    4.1    17:44:39    10°    SW    17:48:39    48°    SSE    17:50:51    24°    E
29 December    STARLINK 1057    3.1    17:45:52    10°    WSW    17:48:44    54°    SSE    17:49:48    32°    ESE
29 December    STARLINK 1052    3.1    17:46:01    10°    WSW    17:48:54    54°    SSE    17:49:58    32°    ESE
29 December    STARLINK 1068    3.1    17:46:19    10°    WSW    17:49:10    54°    SSE    17:50:14    32°    ESE
29 December    STARLINK 1029    3.1    17:46:33    10°    WSW    17:49:25    54°    SSE    17:50:27    32°    ESE
29 December    STARLINK 1060    3.1    17:46:42    10°    WSW    17:49:35    54°    SSE    17:50:37    33°    ESE
29 December    STARLINK 1030    3.1    17:46:52    10°    WSW    17:49:45    54°    SSE    17:50:47    33°    ESE
29 December    STARLINK 1020    3.1    17:47:10    10°    WSW    17:50:03    54°    SSE    17:51:04    33°    ESE
29 December    STARLINK 1034    3.1    17:47:23    10°    WSW    17:50:16    54°    SSE    17:51:18    33°    ESE
29 December    STARLINK 1033    3.1    17:47:51    10°    WSW    17:50:43    55°    SSE    17:51:43    34°    ESE
29 December    STARLINK 1031    3.1    17:48:05    10°    WSW    17:50:57    55°    SSE    17:51:56    34°    ESE
29 December    STARLINK 1024    3.0    17:48:19    10°    WSW    17:51:10    55°    SSE    17:52:08    34°    ESE
29 December    STARLINK 1035    3.1    17:48:30    10°    WSW    17:51:23    55°    SSE    17:52:21    34°    ESE
29 December    STARLINK 1032    3.1    17:48:43    10°    WSW    17:51:36    55°    SSE    17:52:34    34°    ESE
29 December    STARLINK 1011    3.0    17:49:01    10°    WSW    17:51:52    55°    SSE    17:52:48    35°    ESE
29 December    STARLINK 1036    3.0    17:49:14    10°    WSW    17:52:07    55°    SSE    17:53:03    35°    ESE
29 December    STARLINK 1044    3.0    17:49:30    10°    WSW    17:52:25    57°    SSE    17:53:24    35°    ESE
29 December    STARLINK 1047    3.1    17:49:36    10°    WSW    17:52:30    56°    SSE    17:53:27    35°    ESE