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Reported 16-Jan-2021
8-Aug-2020, Kamloops, BC
: (11:10 pm)

On the night of August 8, 2020 My wife and I were on our deck in Kamloops facing south.It was a clear beautiful night around 11.10 pm.We were stargazing and watching for satellites. Then my wife said to me,what is that? I looked south where she was pointing Their was a large object heading in a easterly direction.Just to the east of our home is a light Industral area that always has bright flood lights on. As the object was low and came into the light you could clearly see it.You could see a boomerang shaped object at that point.
The object was a grey metal type with rust on parts of the wings like it had gone through a rust storm. The Boomerang shaped object was totally silence as it flu by.It continued east and was quickly out of sight. We were just wondering if anyone in the Kamloops area had made a report.

UFO*BC Followup

Thank-you for the report.
I haven't heard of anyone else making such a report for that timeframe.
A few questions:
How large was the object?
How high (altitude) was the object, I would assume low as you could see it from the local street level lights?
You are saying it went form a West to East or a south to East?
Could you perhaps provide your approximate location so that we can see what the possible flight path of the object may have been?
Thanks and chat soon,

Good morning Richard. To answer your questions.

The object was approximately 40 (forty) feet long and from tip to tip of the boomerang shaped wing span was approximately 50 (fifty) feet wide.

It was flying from the West to East along the ridge of our valley which we figure was no more than 1000 (one thousand) feet high. It flew directly over top of us at a speed of maybe 20 km, very slow. We were sitting in our lounge chairs looking up at the stars. Jumping out of our chairs, now standing, our necks were tilted back as far as possible and we were looking at the underneath of the object as it flew over. Once it past over us we had a better view because of the neighbours flood lights.
If you look on google earth, you will have a better idea of the terrain.


Reported 2-Feb-2021
23-Jan-2021, Pitt Meadows, BC
: (10:40 pm)

Hi, I would like to find out if anyone saw a "bright orange ball" in the Northwestern sky (over Port Coquitlam) at 10:40pm on Saturday January 23, 2021. I estimated it to be about the size of a house. I was standing on my driveway (Pitt Meadows) and looking toward the northwest when I saw it t about 10 o'clock high, I ran to my house to get my son and he tried to get a photo but had trouble with his cell phone camera. After it disappeared, we continued down the street and talked to two other people that had also seen it. Update Info: the ball had smooth edges, it was bright and round
maybe two or three miles (3 or 4 Km's) away
it appeared to be as big as a dime at the of one's arm (went to the spot to check and this is what we came up with)
we were standing in front of my house on Advent Rd (cross streets -190st and Advent Rd Pitt Meadows, BC)
we were looking North West direction toward the Pitt River Bridge -10:40pm
no sound from the ball
I was about to walk my dog when I looked up to the North West and it appeared to be coming towards me, that's when I ran to the house to tell my son and he also seen it - tried to get a photo but that didn't work
the ball was coming towards us then veered off to the left and went down out of sight of the trees- at no time did the ball disappear and then reappear it just went down to left out of visual contact - the object was probably visual for about a minute
two other people at the end of the block seen it and they were closer, at 188 street, the older gentleman figured it was a Chinese fire ball that was lit but there was no flame, it was bigger than that
this is my second encounter with a UFO type object, when I was 16 or so in Vernon, BC, me and my 3 friends were looking at the sky (south) when we saw a star (so we thought) start to go right to left then all of a sudden it shot back the same way it came and disappeared.
at a young age I was always fascinated with the UFO story and I guess what really piqued my interest was the Betty and Barney Hill story from the 60's. I hope you can find other people that seen it. We are close to the Pitt Meadows Airport so my son sent an email to them to see if anything was reported from their tower but no answer back yet.

Reported 07-Feb-2021
Sept-1971, Delta, BC
: (9:45 pm)

This is a sighting I experienced in Sept 1971 in Delta BC. This experience has been reported to The National UFO Reporting center. As this sighting happened here in BC, I wanted to have it entered on this sight as well. I guess the thing that really stands out from the encounter was the way the object moved. When leaving its stationary position it moved in a wave formation with a shorter wavelength. Once it set down above the corn field and then a few seconds later starting moving again in a short wavelength. Then as it extended its wavelength as it sped up to an astonishing speed where the wavelength was very long and zipped into space. It was at about a 30 degree trajectory from the ground as it zipped into space. It seemed to only take 3 to 5 seconds from the time it left our location, till it was no longer visible. I estimated it left our atmosphere at a few hundred thousand kilometers per hour, at speed. After it reached speed you could no longer see the wave formation but only a streak of light. Please see the following link:
Full Experience:

Reported 7-Feb-2021
3-Feb-2021, Sicamous, BC
: (9:45 pm)

Facing west about 650 pm, I was out walking my dog by myself it was a clear night, beautiful stars. I was looking up at the stars westward and all of a sudden a very large bright light popped out of nowhere high in the sky, it then flew or fell downward and west while maintaining same brightness, no trail or change in color, and then after about 5 solid seconds or more it disappeared. Not like anything I have seen before.

11-Feb-2021, Vancouver, BC : (6:00pm)

I am in Cambie neighbourhood in Vancouver and at 6pm on Feb 11th, a triangle shaped object with 3 lights at each corner floated by the window, from west to west. The sun was just setting, the sky was partially cloudy. It took about 6 seconds to cross across the window and it appeared to fly too slow to stay up in my opinion. If anyone else saw this Id be interested in hearing about it. Update:

Which direction were you facing? I was facing south, looking over VGH and False Creek. I was on the ground floor of my house.
How high was the object? I can't be sure, it depends on how big the object was and I couldn't determine that, but my best guess would be approx 300-400 metres.
What happened to the object? My view is limited as there is a 2 story laneway house in my backyard but it slowly flew across from west to east and the trip took about 5-6 seconds.
How big was the object? Tough to answer this, if it was as far away as I think it was big, maybe like 30 metres on each side (equilateral triangle)
Any associated sounds? None
The lights, 3 each corner, or 3 in total? One white light in each corner
What colour(s) were the lights White
Could you see any structure between them? If so, what colour? Black
Any additional markings on the object? None that i could see.
Here is a crude sketch of what I saw. I can't believe no one else in the area would not have seen this. It was dusk, the object was well below the clouds (partly cloudy at the time).

19-Feb-2021, Prince George, BC
: (6:40 pm)

I just wanted to report what I saw last night when I arrived home from work. It was 6:40 pm, February 19, 2021. I live in Prince George, BC, in the down town area behind Parkwood mall. My back yard faces the west. I pulled in to my drive way, parked, and entered my back yard to use our back entrance. While approaching my backyard I noticed three red lights low in the sky towards the west. They appeared to be rising from where I was standing. I ran onto our deck while watching these things and banged on the house window to draw my mother out. I continued watching these red balls of light rise and move closer towards our house. One was higher than the other two as they rose and then stopped when they were at an approximate height of 500 meters? Im guessing at this, it was lower than the stars or satellites but low like an airplane taking off or coming in for a landing. There were no other lights on these red burning balls, they did not flicker or strobe, they had a weird fluidity with the red light that was very bright and intense. They formed a triangular formation, a long pointed triangle formation, one in the front and two in the back. They were all at the exact same height, the two in the rear were in perfect line with each other. They were bright burning red in the front. They travelled east. They flew past our home at a steady speed that never changed and there was no sound. Usually at this height when airplanes or helicopters fly past our home this close we will hear them. As they past our home I noticed they were spherical in shape much like a ball. They were like a frosted ball, and because of how bright the red light was in the front of them, the balls looked like they were glowing inside? Its hard to describe. Take a marble or the rounded part of a frosted light bulb, put a candle flame in front of one side and you can see how it softly illuminates the inside and you can see that illumination from the back or opposite side. That was how these three things looked as they past our home. I watched them until they completely passed my neighborhood. Then I went inside and sent a message to my neighbor across the street about what I just saw. She told me that her and her husband also saw something unusual last night while they were driving along the North Nechako area. What they saw was a big object in the sky with red lights, diamond shaped and it disappeared as they got closer. It too was coming in from the west. What they saw was roughly an hr before what I saw. Our television also seems to have had some glitches or disturbances prior to seeing these things. Not sure if that is related. These were not lanterns or balloons, they were much larger than that. If they were balloons or lanterns, at the height they were at, they would have been difficult to see or track in our cloudy sky. They did not sway or bounce in the air as balloons tend to do, they remained steady and moving in a very straight line. As they travelled, their speed also remained the same.

3-Mar-2021, Langley, BC
: (9:00 pm)

My mum and I both just witnessed a very large rectangular ship-like object in the sky above the Hwy 1 & 200th St. (Cineplex Colossus) area in Langley, B.C. We were walking and noticed just to the south at about 1000' elevation (although hard to know due to scope and scale of the object) a rectangular multiwhite lighted airship which looked between an A380 or 777 and an aircraft carrier slowly travelling across the sky (under a near full moon) from west to east. The sighting lasted for about 12 seconds. There were no clouds and the object appeared all of a sudden, it was very quiet as it moved about 200 mph linearly above us at a 2pm clock orientation to us walking eastbound as well. There were about 30 various white lights in size, brightness and location on the object. It honestly looked like a low flying object readying for approach to land at an airport but nowhere near YVR or YXX and YPK is way too small. After about 10 seconds of both of us talking about and sighting the object, it vanished/faded quickly within 2 seconds and we could not see it anymore. It was silent but massive and no way turned in any direction. I was unable to get a picture on my phone in time.
Did anyone else witness/report this sighting?

26-Mar-2021, Vancouver, BC
: (3:00am)

I live on Commercial and 10th Avenue in Vancouver BC. Tonight, on the evening of Dec 17th, 2020 from 9:45 pm to approximately 10:45 pm (time does not match), I looked out my window facing the alley and saw swirling misty lights dancing through the sky. I've captured some on video but you can barely make it out do to the poor quality of my phone.

26-Mar-2021, Vancouver, BC
: (9:45 pm)

I just saw an Orange yellow like Light flying very fast from ESE to WNW few thousand feet up and parallel to ground and disappear behind the cloud toward west Vancouver( I was around main and 5th Vancouver sitting on my bed looking north) No fire trail like meteor would do It pass through my all field of view (est. After at 8-10 km) in about 2-3 sec. So a guesstimate speed in the 10s of thousands km/ h Definitely a light, way faster then any plane with known technology and different flight path then any flying vehicle usually do around here, too big and too far of travel for a toy drone to travel and totally silent Just sending this info to hopefully have someone else happen to see it from a different point of view and report it to corroborate the sighting, trajectory and speed. More of the same info= more validation
Hopefully more saw it

30-Mar-2021, Vancouver, BC
: (9:05 pm)

I went outside waiting for the a pizza delivery when looking up at the stars I noticed them shifting to realize it was a weird light moving west then east
It was large and high up but no noise
I took out my phone and tried to hold still while trying to get it to focus but in the video you can see a light fly and fully disappear like turning off a switch .
Ive seen iss and looked up immediately where it was and it wasnt over me or near or the direction . I have seen planes and satilites which you can trace from horizon to horizon but this just turned off .

13-April-2021, Pitt Meadows BC
: (9:45 pm)

Hi there. I'm a lifelong resident of Pitt Meadows and this is the first UFO I have ever witnessed. It was April 13 at about approx 2145 hours when myself, Daughter and Wife witnessed same. I live in Pitt Meadows on 188 St with our backyard facing West with nothing but undeveloped farmland all the way to the Pitt River. I was taking my 6 year old Daughter for our nightly pre bed walk in the backyard and noticed what at first appeared to be a satellite moving very slowly at about 2 o'clock in the sky. I watched it on and off for a few minutes at which point it began to act in a manner ive never seen anything in the sky do before. At least with my own eyes. It began to make very unatural erratic movements by quickly moving upward then downward then across then back. It would move incrementaly in quick jumps. There were no discernible patterns nor did it seem to repeat it's movements. Up,down all around. It's movements appeared to defy physics. I've seen UFO's on tv that displayed the same characteristics I observed. It was very subtle and it's movements were confined to a very small area. Would love to know if anyone else witnessed this in addition to us.


Reported 02-May-2021
May 2000, Jacko Lake, BC

May, 2000 Jacko Lake incident was true- I was the other guy with %$# (Name removed)

To this day I still think about it and there was a huge amount of time that disappeared that night before we found ourselves floating in the willows. I forgot until I re read it about the little lights zooming from and around and back to the bigger circle of lights- I also remember looking back while loading and it was like a front of of a locomotive but in an indescribably huge scale and I could feel something/s looking right into my eyes from it-Im actually happy it happened and wish it would again- I welcome the uncommon occurrences this life has to offer.
Tell you the truth it was just an ordinary evening fishing session, no booze and we didnt do drugs - all of a sudden it was pretty dark, then we saw what we knew was UFO and then we tried getting back to shore and hours went by, we were floating in trees and it was like I was coming out of a sleep/dream- with tree branches everywhere and finally got engine started and out of the trees and got back to boat launch- everything is as what al discussed with you guys plus what I saw (locomotive in sky) I also felt I saw it watching me walk into my basement apartment when al dropped me off.
It was a true situation and I believe in my gut we probably got to go for a ride or were touched by something.
Am so glad this happened and this was first time I ever googled jacko lake because I wanted to know what was biggest fish caught in the lake as I lost a huge one before this event and think about that too- then I saw your site pop up


May 15th 2021

UFO*BC Has received numerous reports of strings of lights in the sky (too many reports to mention) during the late night hours of the 15th. These were SpaceX Satellites from a recent launch.

Myself my husband and our 9 year old daughter recently while camping in our back yard only just 2 weekends ago were witness to a very large object flying over our house. We were totally shocked and speechless but it was so huge!!! It stood vertical and slightly on a slant and had a strip of lights from top to bottom. I have never seen anything like it and most importantly it made absolutely no sound!!! We live in Nakusp BC and have for many many years and this was truly an unforgettable experience!!

Or another

Hello my friend said I should report my sightings here. I was camping on a logging road in Jordan River British Columbia Saturday May 15 2021 with a few friends be around 2 AM we saw some crazy light in the sky that was bright enough to show the stars behind it on my terrible quality iPhone which I thought was very neat as there is no streetlights in Jordan river and its pitch black at night . At first we thought it could be star link but after looking at the pictures of The starlink,  it doesnt seem to look anything like what we saw. I have removed the sound from video as a few of my friends were drunk and there is some foul language. I captured a video as well as a few photos. When zoomed in closely it looks like it has a dome top flat bottom and almost purple lights going through it.

Or another

Typical grainy pic . My girlfriend  and I watched this silently go by in around midnight from west to east. Slow moving. Can't find any other reports online . We were in awe. What can I say? She doesn't agree to report this as the pics suck. But maybe there's a simple explanation. 

And another

On the night of May 15th around 11:30/12:00 a group of us saw what we believe to be a UFO while camping. A shape quite similar to a large grain of rice was moving in across the sky on a south-east trajectory. With and Extremely bright and luminous white centre bleeding outwards in all directions. Brighter than any of the stars in the sky and moving at a steady pace slower than any satellite or plane Ive witnessed. We followed it until it disappeared behind a mountain ridge.


Reported 01-June-2021
6, Sparwood,, BC :

I witnessed a UFO back in 1986 in Sparwood, British Columbia. Myself and a friend were outside a hotel at 10:00 pm having a cigarette, when all of a sudden there were these lights in the western sky. The shape of lights were kind of triangler. It was just above us for awhile, then it moved about a mile away in a flash. It was so fast. The weirdest thing is there was no noise. The object seemed large.


12-June-2021, North Eastern BC : (Details to come)

On Saturday June 12/21 I was at work at a northeastern B.C. coal mine and I was operating a dump dozer . My elevation was 1260 m , I was waiting for a loaded haul truck to approach my area when I saw flashing lights in the sukunka river valley, was roughly 7 km away from me. I stopped my machine and stepped out to see the lights that caught my attention. I could see them clearly and they were in a cluster , round and spinning about 500 m above the river , the cluster was in a small rain storm that was falling from a low thick dark cloud. The cluster was made up of approximately 20 or so orbs , which seemed to be 5m in diameter each . The cluster looked like it was 100 m in diameter as a whole . The cluster started to rise toward the cloud and roughly 4 orbs rose above the group and got brighter with higher altitude. I was quite a bit higher than these objects and could see the other side of the valley behind them . The valley walls are different shades of green with logging blocks scattered on them . These objects floated up into the low hanging cloud and disappeared from sight . 2 of us saw the cluster clearing and 2 others saw just the end of the cluster entering the ud. I have never seen anything like this in my life and was quite shocked .


5-July-2021, Kelowna BC : (5pm)

I am reporting something I saw in the eastern sky of Kelowna from Ben Lee Park around 5pm on July 5th 2021.

I was skateboarding with some friends at Ben Lee and when I looked east towards the mountains I noticed a white ball illuminated by the sun. It was moving south for a minute or two before stopping for approximately 30 seconds. It then traveled diagonally away from us climbing to the south. We lost sight of it for a few minutes but then it appeared in the sky where we had originally saw it.

I thought it might be a drone, but it seemed to be too far away to be able to see if it was a drone. It looked like nothing I have seen before because it was a round spherical object that was brightly illuminated by the sun. It did not fly like an airplane, nor did it look like an airplane and it was silent.


I have no explanation for what we saw, but the three of us who saw it thought it was very strange. It looked perfectly round and it was white or metallic. There was no light source. 

There was no sound associated with it either. 

Its hard to say how high it was... I thought maybe 2 or 3 thousand feet, but when it flew away from us it went up to maybe 6 or 7 thousand feet. It's hard to know for certain how high it was and it's size is hard to estimate. It moved somewhat slowly and we could have misidentified a drone, but I know that's controlled airspace and it looked like it was on the approach path for runway 34 when I first saw it. It then moved south while climbing, stopped, then flew further south while climbing higher. I did a lap around the skatepark and it was back in its original position and was moving south again. 

After that I lost sight of it and I'm not sure what happened to it. 

Hope this helps explain what I saw. I know it definitely wasn't an airplane or a weather balloon. My best guess is a drone, but what gets me is that it appeared round. 


19-July-2021, White Rock BC : (5pm)

Hey I saw a single blink over my house so  I watched the area and ended up flashing a light at it(10000 lumen spot light) after thirty min it flashed back in the same spot I tried to get the whole thing on video but only got one flash. This happened in white rock bc where I live and have seen many orange orbs flying and doing 90 to 180 degree turns in direction or stopping and hovering or disappearing.
(UFO*BC Asked for location details) On my deck directly above me , I looked up the ISS and it wasnt it ; the light flashed in the spot once then half hour later same spot it flashed again.
(UFO*BC Asked what made it appear not to be an aircraft) So I flashed it and it flashed back just one last time total it was there periodically flashing half hour to hour never changed spots and it was a bright flash. We witnessed a few flashes responding to it in different areas just one single flash. We have seen the star link satellites from Tesla and the many other types this is way different it stays in place stagnant you wont know its there with no light its a flash that periodically pops.
Last year when I first noticed the first flash hidden amongst stars so I grabbed a 10000 lumens flash light and flashed in the spot I saw for about ten minute . After flashing a sequence at it it flashed me three times ( my gf was terrified that from nowhere a light responded ) I flashed it again after it responded to get another sequence to which I responded again to where it lite up fully showing as a star for r white light to which it shot like a laser to mount baker ( my house is in white rock ).
At mount baker I saw it sit so I flashed one sequence to get one final response .( this was last year).
I try to record it on my iPhone 11 but they dont pop up from the cameras auto focus and light settings so the video I sent you is zoomed in of the sky where it was sitting ( in the 13 second video you can see at the very top right corner one single flash ) perspective it was right above me 90degress and I had to film for a while to get the single flash response Im the same location it flashed me about 30/45 minutes before , there for to send the video of the single flash I had to cut it to 13 seconds.
Additional info was the flashes are instant to my first flash then the next flashes can be instant or take up to 40 minutes but will be in the exact location of the initial flash  ( I have seen it flash then manifest to a light/ star that moves like a faint satellites to suddenly stop above my house turn off then Ill shine a light at where it turned off to get a flash or two and it will stay for a while .


Reported 20-July-2021
July 2019 , Forest Grove BC
: (11pm)

We came across this website last night watching a documentary about a sighting in Aldergrove, BC in 1991. We live in Forest Grove, BC. We're 1300 ft above sea level where we live. On clear nights we have a high definition view of the stars without a telescope. We were outside having a small fire and star gazing. We were watching the satellites moving. We were facing south. We saw two objects come into formation from opposite ends of the sky. They had no distinct shape, color or sound. They looked like stars. One came from the west. One from the east. The star from the west stayed relatively stationary. The star from the east moved around the stationary star quite sporadically. Circles, jagged angle movement. Stopping. Starting. Continuously moving. These movements were like nothing we have on earth. Almost like shining a laser pointer onto a white board and moving it around. The sporadic star eventually stopped. It ascended slightly and then zipped away faster than the speed of light. The fastest we've ever seen an object move in real life. This thing was gone. The star from the west started to gradually ascend sideways towards the east. It was moving at about the same speed as an airplane. We watched it until it was no longer in sight.

It's like these objects knew we were outside and they put a show on for us. Whatever they were, it 100% proves that there's other life out there. Personally I believe that everything on this planet was seeded. All plant life and every living creature came from another place. We are here to harvest all of the precious metals this planet has to offer. We've shared this story with Jeremy Corbell too. Just figured we'd share it here now that we know there's a site for UFO sightings. Have a great day. Cheers!


Reported 21-July-2021
July 8 2021, Salmon Arm BC
: (3am 3:40am)

I live in Salmon Arm and the area this was happening is directly south of us, between Salmon Arm in the north and Armstrong in the south, and Mt. Ida in the west and Enderby in the east I went back into my history and the date was July 8, between 3 am and about 3:40 am.

It was the first week of the bad fires and I went outside to see what the smoke was like. I looked to the south and noticed two bright stars in the sky, I checked the night sky map later and the stars were Jupiter and Saturn. I noticed two lights coming from opposite directions, one from the east and one from the west, they were traveling downwards in a 20 to 30 degree angle, they looked like they would meet directly below Saturn, when they dropped below Saturn in the sky they both blinked out. It seemed as if the rising sun was reflecting off the surface and when they dropped below where the sun was hitting they went dark.

This grabbed my attention, neither object had a strobe or any other lights showing so interesting for sure. I kept watching that area and another light came from the west maybe 5 minutes later and did the same thing dropped in altitude and blinked out below Saturn and to the west. I kept watching and noticed an airplane just above the horizon in the far distance, strobe was visible, and also a satellite high above the two planets. The last thing I noticed were two flashes, kind  of like a camera flash but localized in the area the lights blinked out. I have been checking since when I think of it but the smoke is really bad in visibility is almost 0. As mentioned I noticed a similar light back in February.

This is similar to what I saw .