Dear UFO*BC,

I would like in response to your article in The Valley Echo, Invermere, BC Jan 29/97 to relay the following information:

I was just returning home after walking my dog (5:55 am) on a very cold clear morning one fall (Oct?) probably 1994. Sorry about the date & year. I had a clear view and noticed the ski hill was lit up brighter than day - unusual, since there was no snow yet. An object that resembled the body of a large airplane with no wings was moving silently across the sky just past (almost over) the ski hill. Looked like lights or lighted windows along its body. I felt calm, but thought "I hope they can't see me". I also blinked my eyes several times because I couldn't believe it. The dog had no reaction. Didn't tell anyone at the time. Hopefully some of the miners on shift change at Cominco's Sullivan mine saw it, too, and will contact you.

Good luck,

Tish S. - Radium Hot Springs, BC

Dear Sir,

However interested I am in UFO's, I have no idea whether my experience with a single light in the sky has anything to do with UFO's. But here it is and you be the judge. What ever, I hope you can use it in your book.

It was in the early 1970's. We lived in Winfield, about 6 miles north of Kelowna. Every evening around 11' O'Clock I took our dog for a short walk up the street. I remember a clear crisp night walking northward. The stars were very bright, there was no moon. In the distant north sky one star was moving. I figured it to be an airplane on approach to the Kelowna airport. When the light was slowly getting closer and bigger, I noticed that it was [of] the normal approach lane, which would have been to my right. Earlier planes that evening landed from the north. Maybe the wind had shifted and airplanes were instructed to land from the south. The light kept coming slightly to my left, and was getting very bright, almost like a single car light. I noticed no blinking white, green or red navigational lights. That was unusual. Also by now I should have heard engine noise. But it was very quiet. Airplanes usually turn on two headlights for landing. But this single light was getting very white and very big. Suddenly, when it was about 20 degrees from being overhead but still to my left it went straight upward. Unlike anything that flies, there was no curvage to the directional change. It was more like a ball bouncing of a wall in a 90 degree angle. The speed changed very rapidly and the light got smaller and smaller until it vanished into nothing. It only took about two seconds from the time it changed direction until it disappeared in the vicinity of the little dipper. Unlike a meteorite there was no trailing fiery debris. I never seen anything like it and I have no clue to what I really saw that night.


Werner Philipp - Kelowna, BC

Dear UFO*BC,

My experience took place in the late 1970s, sometime near the end of October. It was a dark evening with light rain falling. My son's girl friend, Pat, and I had driven him from Penticton to Kelowna to catch a ride back to Regina where he attended college. Pat and I were returning to Penticton at about 1:00 A.M. and were ascending up to Summerland along the lakeside. Across the lake was the Red Rock area and a slight dip in the mountains above it.

Suddenly the car was filled with a very bright light. I quickly checked my speedometer and rear view mirror thinking it was a police flasher. Then I realized the light was beaming in from my left side. My next thought was a plane crash or explosion of some sort. The light was intensely bright, at first steady, and then pulsating, bright to dim. In the dip in the mountains across the lake was the form of a huge circle with spokes, in pink and orange colors

I kept driving, feeling a compulsion to do so, and also a sense of resistance to something alien. We appeared to be alone on the road. We passed behind a bluff, and on the other side the pulsating flashed continued, but weaker. As we entered Summerland the view across the lake was obscured. When we once again were at the lake level, all we could see was a glow in the sky where the light had been. This was unusual because it was very dark and cloudy and still raining.

Pat was terrified and slept in her parents' room that night. I told it to no one except my husband. In a restaurant next day I was looking at a bookstand that displayed a UFO paperback. Someone beside me asked me if I was interested in UFOs and I briefly described my experience. He said that a number of blue-green flying objects had been seen in that area. I don't remember seeing the person I was talking to. He disappeared quickly.

Near this area also, a small airplane dropped suddenly into the lake. I don't think the two occupants, college students, were ever found. The plane was recovered, apparently with seat belts still in place.

I am curious as to whether you have had any other reports of strange activity between Rattlesnake Island and the Penticton shoreline.

Yours sincerely,

Joyce Heam - Salmon Arm, BC

Dear UFO*BC,

Saturday, Sept. 2, 1995 I spotted a strange object in the sky. I went and got my binoculars, time 10:10AM. It was very high in the sky traveling very slowly it appeared - since it was within our limited view for 12 minutes (10:22AM) before we lost sight of it. There was no after noise, none at all. It was traveling in a south east direction from the north west. We live 2 blocks from the Georgia Strait in Parksville, BC on Vancouver Island. Since we know the line the Canadian National Air command jets use as they travel down the Georgia Strait, and we can see the planes along with their vapor trail. Not rounded as shown in diagram and we can sometimes hear their noise after they pass, we know this was something different. The object's trajectory was in a more easterly direction than the Comox base jets take. Unlike the Comox jets - no vapor trail was left behind - the vapor trail passed intact with the object at all times - no current drift.

The sky was clear, no clouds, morning sun shining brightly which probably caused the glow on the nose cone? Binoculars clearly showed 3 fire streams in white vapor trail.

Mrs. Merriam Schoenfeld - Parksville, BC

Note - shortly after receiving the above letter UFO*BC received the following addendum:

Dear UFO*BC,

I have waited for four days to see if National Air Command or Colorado Air Command would request a copy of my diagrams and statements there-in. They have NOT called although they were both very excited about the information I relayed onto them.

I do know that the "COLORADO BASE" is a SECRET BASE because when Comox transferred the call from me to them DIRECTLY, I said I would like to send them the diagrams and info. but they would NOT give me the address, telephone no. or tell me who I was talking to. They said they would contact me if necessary.

As I told you over the phone I took a map of the United States which fortunately for me included Vancouver Island & the lower part of the B.C. mainland, i.e. Vancouver, Delta, Surrey, etc. . . I put a ruler from Parksville and extended it into the US from the trajectory of the objects course and came up with a line that extended to the Black Canyon area of Colorado. Through the State of Washington, through the middle of Idaho, to the extreme southwest corner of Wyoming, to the southwest corner of Colorado at the Black Canyon of the Gunnison area, to the northeast corner of New Mexico etc. . . if the object continued it's trajectory course which I saw it take the 12 minutes I viewed it with binoculars..

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