UFOs really like Burnaby

March 13, 2003, Buranby NOW
By John Knox
Burnaby NOW reporter

They're out there... and for some reason, they really seem to like Burnaby.

Gavin McLeod, vice-president of UFO B.C., said last week's sighting of an unidentified flying object over the Lougheed SkyTrain station is just the latest in a succession of reports of strange objects in the skies above Burnaby.

"I've had reports of sightings of cylindrical objects in Burnaby before, only they were white in colour," McLeod said after last week's story about two Lower Mainland residents who spotted a large silver cylinder-shaped craft overhead on the afternoon of Feb. 27.

McLeod said his personal sighting took place in 1997 as he drove south on Willingdon towards Metrotown.

"I looked up and it just caught my eye," McLeod said. "A big white cylinder headed across the horizon."

Since 1995, UFO B.C. has maintained a database of several hundred accounts of UFOs from across the province.

"I did an analysis a couple of years ago, and Burnaby has the most overall reports in B.C.," McLeod said.

"It could be due to the fact that it covers a large geographic area, or that more people are aware of our Web site in Burnaby, but there's been a lot."

Just under 60 sightings have been reported by Burnaby residents, of which a small handful make mention of silver or white cylindrical objects.

The Lougheed and Capitol Hill neighbourhoods also appear to be particularly active, with several sightings coming to UFO B.C. from both throughout the course of each year.

Strange lights have also been seen above Deer Lake and Burnaby Lake from time to time.

If you happen to spot something, McLeod suggests observing the object as long as possible or taking a photo. For information, visit www.ufobc.ca.s



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