The UFO Enigma
(Part 2)

The Victorian
Wednesday, April 6, 1977

By Dr. P. M. H. Edwards

This is the second article in a two-part series on unidentified flying objects by P. M. H. Edwards, associated professor at the University of Victoria In Slavonic languages, political science and linguistics, as well as in music, whose writings on this enigma have been published in England, Finland, Canada and the U.S. and who has been quoted in a number of international reviews as well as in three recently published books on ufology

Edwards has kept abreast of developments around the world by personal contacts as well as by perusing ufological literature in 10 languages.

Strangely, it is always the least-informed people who make the greatest noise; they are afraid, I suppose, that the new facts may oblige them to re-write their textbooks! Especially in Ufology, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing; and, the more one learns, the greater becomes one’s humility.

Recently, 80 per cent of 1,356 astronomers in California and elsewhere, in replying to a questionaire drawn up by the American Astronomical Society, replied that the UFO phenomenon merits further investigation. Some 62 persons stated they had seen or made instrument-recordings of occurrences they could not identify, but which they believed were caused by the UFO phenomenon; the questionaire was conducted by astrophysicist Prof. Peter Sturrock, of Stanford University’s Department of Physics.

It was fortunate for me that I was initiated, as it were, into Ufology by the first book of a well-known French scientist, who was among the first to see clearly that here is a problem which concerns our race, though it is one that the establishment-scientist prefers to sweep under the rug — if only so as to maintain his composure, and to ensure his advancement.

This new wave of UFOs has not always been with us to the present extent; but it appears from historical records going back a long way, that there have been great waves which were then interpreted as divine portents or omens.

In a society like ours, which takes pride in its technological skills and the methodical amassing of knowledge, it seems unthinkable that a scientist should still resort to such explanations, when at his disposal there exists a very large corpus of evidential information, from the pens of reputable scientists of international renown.

Of course, the answer is that the scientist simply has refused to concern himself with this enigma (in spite of the fact that the role of science is the investigation of the Unknown); he is blithely unaware of the shattering implications involved, preferring to narrow his activity to his own particular field.

This is laudable, in reference to his own professional work; it is, however, unfortunate that he should put forward a negative “explanation” (along the lines of what was being said 30 years ago, and which has long been discarded), when he manifestly knows absolutely nothing about this matter.

Better were it simply to admit ignorance, than to make misleading statements calculated to lull the apprehensions of readers — as well, perhaps, as his own fears. The plain fact of the matter is that there does exist a very large amount of scientific evidence to support the UFOs’ existence; some of it is from top-most astronomers, other scientists, and people of impeccable reputations.

As a leading French scientist long ago wrote, the existence of these craft has long been fully established, and we are now in possession of a vast body of information on them, some of it of extreme precision.

As this is only meant to be a fairly brief article, it is impossible here to go into meaningful detail; I shall limit myself, then to referring the interested reader, and the open- minded scientist, to a certain book published at Paris in 1974 by Editions Frances-Empire and called La Nouvelle Vague Des Soucoupes Volantes by Jean Claude Bourret; over 300 pages.

In addition, an American scientist has recently had the courage to publish a short paperback, Ufology (James McCampbell; 12 Bryce Court, Belmont, Calif., 94002; 1973; $3.95 plus postage), in which he is the first to enter into detailed scientific discussions of all the witnessed physical effects of these craft, around the world.

The mere existence of these two books alone, should be more than enough to show the closed-minded (or merely ignorant) scientists that they are a long way behind the times, if they re-hash the time-worn objections — as they continue to do.

They like to have us believe that they keep up-to-date with developments in science; but, at the same time, they are inconsistent; for they are ignoring clear-cut evidence from some of the leading men of science both in Europe and in America, of our own day.

Even as far back as 1969, the U.S. Air Force compiled, with the co-operation of the Library of Congress, a big bibliography on Ufology, which consisted of no fewer than 401 pages; were they to extend it today, I should expect it to cover up to some 2,000 pages.

The subject is vast, its implications frightening; and scientists who continue to ignore it, not only display their shortsightedness, but they are doing so at their peril.

One of the straight lines frequently travelled by the craft goes through north-eastern France, and then through the cities of Bayonne and Vichy (hence it is known as the Bavic line); this line passes by the famous Stone-Age caverns of northern Spain where exquisite paintings of animals and of UFOs are to be seen, and which have been carbon-dated as some 30,000 years old; it passes through south-western France near Lourdes, through Garabandal (Spain), Fatima (Portugal), and across Brazil (more cave paintings of UFOs), Paraguay, Chile, between the two main islands New Zealand, through New Guinea and Formosa, across China and Siberia, then back to north-eastern France, after passing near Beauraing, in Belgium.

There is at least one other such line, a complementary sine-curve, which runs through the Isle of Barra (Hebrides), Coniston and Sheffield (England), East Anglia, then near Valenciennes (N.E. France), near Zeitoun (Cairo). and near Kilimandjaro, — and so forth.

These lines should really be called “corridors”, for they are of considerable width. It is precisely along or close to these corridors that many weird events have happened with surprising regularity, throughout the years.

The reported apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary, for instance, have occurred largely along these trajectories; and close to them have been seen the births and activities of advanced psychics — such as Edgar Cayce, Uri Geller, and the psychic surgeon-healers of Brazil, and the Philippines.

Of course, the UFOs have also been widely reported by people in other parts of the globe, and not exclusively along the corridors; but the corridors have seen the majority of sightings and landings; and there is no country in the world that has not been host to all these strange happenings, at some time or other.

Most people now know the classic case of Betty and Barney Hill, in New Hampshire, who were allegedly taken aboard a hovering UFO at Indian Head, as they were driving home from Canada, one night. Not only has the drama been re-enacted on television, but it was also very ably published by John G. Fuller, under the title of The Interrupted Journey (Dial Press, New York, 1966) — and later also, in paperback edition.

The incident was real enough; only recently did the U.S. Air Force finally admit that, on that fateful night and at that very spot, their local base was tracking on radar an unknown hovering craft; had they made this admission seven years sooner, the Hills could have been saved from many years of embarrassment.

I have heard from Mrs. Hill, who is an eminently well-balanced lady; unfortunately, her husband died a few years ago, too soon to learn of the work of Marjorie Fish, an American astronomer who took up the challenge posed by Mrs. Hill’s story. Marjorie Fish spent seven years in constructing model after model, basing her self upon the “star map” drawn from memory by Mrs. Hill when under hypnosis in the chambers of Dr. B. Simon, in Boston.

The original of this “map” was what Mrs. Hill allegedly saw inside the UFO during her examination at the hands of the entities. The result of Miss Fish’s tireless work, is that this young astronomer has finally located a portion of the skies which fits the “star map”: not only does this portion contain only stars that had previously been regarded by astronomers as being suns capable of possessing life-bearing planets around them; but the “star map” showed a star that was at that time not known, and which has since been discovered.

The constellation involved, moreover, is invisible from north of the Equator; it is known as Reticulum, and is said to be some 37 light-years from us. This, surely, is a milestone in research.

Then, there is the well-publicized incident involving Capt. L. Coyne, a U. S. Army helicopter pilot who, with his crew of three, were gripped in a kind of gravitational field by a colossal UFO near Mansfield (Ohio), on Oct 18th (probably 1972), as reported in Sept.-Oct. 1973 Bulletin of the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO), Tucson, Arizona.

At 1,500 feet, his copter was flooded with a dazzling green light from an enormous craft that had approached him on a collision-course at about 800 mph. It then hovered silently over him for a few seconds, during which the crew could see no markings or portholes — just a dull grey metallic hull, a very few yards above their heads, in ponderous silence.

Suddenly, the UFO moved off at an incredible speed, without accelerating thereto, still in total silence; and Capt. Coyne’s altimeter indicated an altitude now of 3,800 feet, a sheer impossibility for that helicopter under its own power.

A full report was made by the four men, as soon as they landed at their base. But why did the UFO swoop on the copter, inspect it for a few seconds, raise it to 3,800 feet from 1,500 feet, only to leave as fast, silently, and mysteriously as it had come? — Cui bono?

For an enigma that probably ‘does not exist’ (according to the ill-informed scientists that do most of the talking on this topic), the reader may be surprised to learn that there still remains in force a U.S. Forces regulation, prohibiting government and non-civilian personnel from discussing the UFO problem with the general public; the penalties are very severe...

In closing, I should like to hint at some of my ever-developing impressions of this enigma: each new case of landing or of contact brings in its wake new details that modify one’s previous theories. The picture that is emerging, so far as I can see it now, seems to be as follows:

  • There appears to be a marked increase in the frequency and geographical distribution of Ufological incidents.

  • People, fauna and flora, minerals, continue to be taken, mostly along the main sine-curves mentioned previously, which are wide corridors.

  • Water and electricity are being drained off by the craft.

  • An alarming number of animal mutilations continue to be reported from various areas, around the world: the carcasses are totally drained of blood, although no blood is found in the vicinity. They have been mutilated surgically and very expertly, all in a similar manner, numerous organs being removed.

    Hovering lights have been reported nearby. Recently, in northern Wyoming, a sheriff and other witnesses came upon a UFO that was just rising from the newly-killed body of a cow.

  • Symptoms resembling demonic possession, as well as poltergeist infestations, are occurring in UFO “flap areas”. It seems that all the psychic healers and psychic surgeons began their careers with either the apparition of a brilliant entity in their homes, or with a visitation from a UFO entity. Such psychic healers can, however, only function when in trance.

  • It is also probable that we may be receiving visits from extraterrestrials who may have established bases on Ganymede or on (satellites of Jupiter), on Mars and/or on our moon (there is evidence for the latter), from which to observe, visit, and sample us.

    If we wish to arrive, some day, at a solution of this worldwide problem, we must not neglect a single shred of evidence, however unpalatable it may be, however unwelcome it may appear in the light of our inherited prejudices and beliefs.

    And, a great deal of courage will be required because if and when the truth eventually confronts us, it will probably be staggering.


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