I Saw a String of Lights in the Sky!

By Richard, UFO*BC President
March 27, 2020

I saw a string of lights in the sky!
Those words are very common as of late – and in fact we are likely to get them more and more as time goes on. The reason is quite simple: SpaceX!

So, what does a private space firm have to do with lights in the sky you ask? Well, SpaceX had the idea (not so great if you ask me) of putting up vast amount of satellites in low earth orbit called the Starlink system. This group of satellites will eventually number in the thousands with the hopes of creating a world internet and offering its services to government and militaries alike. The net result is that the satellites (as of the date of writing number around 300) form a string of clusters satellites looking much like a pearl necklace. As it is an unusual sight, we have been getting a lot of reports of “strings of lights”. As the numbers will increase and the expected amount to reach 12,000 by 2022, these will be a regular part of our night sky.

If you would like to track them yourself, please check out this website:

So if you see something in the night sky that makes you do a double take, chances are it is thanks to SpaceX.

Keep watching the skies!


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