Puppets on a String

By David Powell (July 1999)


Drawing by BAZAKART

Drawing by BAZAKAR

Several months ago, CNI News (not to be confused with CNN) conducted a survey about the current state of UFO research. In this survey, leading UFO researchers in the United States and abroad were asked four basic questions, which were:

  1. What, in your view, are the main goals of UFO related research at this time?

  2. How would you characterise the progress made towards achieving these goals during the past ten years?

  3. What must be done, and/or what must happen, in order to achieve UFOlogy’s goals?

  4. When, if at all, do you anticipate the goals of UFOlogy will be achieved?

Although considerable differences of opinion were expressed by those researchers who responded, there was general agreement on the following points:

  1. The need for greater unity within the UFO community.

  2. The need to educate the public about the reality of UFOs.

  3. The lamentable prevalence of hoaxes and other distortions of evidence which bedevil UFO research today.

It is not the purpose of this article to comment on the particular responses to these questions. Rather, I was struck by the fact that only one researcher seemed to grasp the crucial problem facing UFO research. This was John Schuessler, Deputy Director of Administration at MUFON, who wrote:


It should be clear to anyone who has delved into this subject that, whatever agency is behind the UFO phenomenon, it is "they" who call the shots. "They" are the ones who choose to confront us. "They" select the time, the place, and the scenario.

It seems to me naive to believe that we can hope to expose "them", if "they" do not wish to be exposed. And is it not significant that, after more than fifty years of observation, investigation and analysis, we seem to be no nearer to discovering who "they" really are, or where "they" come from, or why "they" are here?

What do we know after years of painstaking analysis is that:

  1. "They" operate in clandestine ways. "They" seem to prefer to operate by night, and in isolated places. Despite occasional appearances in daylight, "they" have never yet chosen to land in public places like Trafalgar Square, or on the White House lawn. Why is that?

  2. "They" are consummate shape shifters. Their craft seem to change shape with unfailing regularity. What began initially with ancient airships, foo fighters and ghost rockets, has progressed over the years to include cigar-shaped mother craft, as well as discs, rods, domes, cylinders, rectangles, deltoid, and now boomerang shaped craft - anything in fact except a typical "production" model. Furthermore, many witnesses claim to have seen these craft change their shape in flight.

  3. "They" appear to have the ability to transmute the laws of physics as we know them. Not only can they change shape, but UFOs seem to be able to materialise and dematerialise at will. "They" can walk through walls. "They" can also attract or destroy physical objects with beams of light. Their craft can travel in the air, or through the sea, or even move beneath the ground with equal ease, and can change direction at speeds which would destroy man-made vehicles.

  4. "They" can read peoples minds. "They" can impose screen memories, control thoughts, instill compulsive behaviour, and induce amnesia. "They" can control human responses via implants, or by remote suggestion, and can manipulate our emotions.

Is it any wonder that UFO researchers over the last half century have ended up chasing moonbeams, to the chagrin of investigators, and to the delight of debunkers? Is it not clear that we are being set up? And "they" seem to have a vested interest in keeping us confused.

One of the most infuriating aspects of the entire UFO scene is the degree to which individual investigators have fought with each other over the years. Every new researcher who enters this field quickly becomes disillusioned at the constant bickering, threats, accusations and intrigue that characterise this subject. Again I ask, are we being set up?

If there are the occasional hoax and the odd argument between investigators, then one could reasonably put this down to normal human failings. But when such things recur, year after year with unfailing regularity, then we have to ask ourselves - is this accidental, or part of some insidious scheme to prevent researchers from finding out the truth?

Surely by now, it must be obvious. "They" do not want us to know who "they" are, where "they" come from, or why "they" are here. For if "they" have the ability to infiltrate any group of people, be they civilians, or the most secret military enclave, and manipulate their minds, then can we ever hope, by honest endeavour and analysis, to expose "their" dealings, if "they" don’t want us to?

Right from the start, there have been some perceptive researchers who have realised that we are being manipulated by this phenomenon, whether we are aware of it or not.

The French computer scientist Jacques Vallee referred to those behind the UFOs as "Messengers of Deception". He proposed that UFOs were in fact part of some subtle control mechanism which dominated human minds, and had possibly been doing so for centuries.

Many years before, John Keel had reached the same conclusion. In his book "The Trojan Horse", Keel gives numerous examples of how UFOs pattern themselves to our thinking. No sooner do we form a hypothesis of UFOs, either of their structure, nature or reality, than we conveniently find evidence to support that view. But if we change our hypotheses, we find that the evidence somehow mysteriously changes as well.

One of the earliest investigators to recognise this feature was the French mathematician and engineer Aime Michel. Michel composed what is still, in my view, the best definition of UFOs. He called them "festivals of absurdity", because they continue to defy rational analysis. All this is not to say that behind the UFO phenomenon there is not something alien, intelligent and real - and worthy of investigation.

What does need to be questioned is the bold assumption, made by so many modern investigators, that we human beings have the power unilaterally to unravel the mysteries of UFOs.

After 50 years of experience to the contrary, we should face up to one undeniable fact. We have been dominated, misled, manipulated and controlled every step of the way - no doubt to serve those very goals and objectives which "they" have instigated.

Truly, are we not puppets on a string?


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