Obituary - Max Edwards

By D. A. C. Powell

It is with sadness that we record the recent death of Dr. P.M.H. (Max) Edwards, in Victoria, at the age of 88.

A lifelong bachelor, Max was an extraordinary man. He possessed a powerful analytical mind. His avocation was language, and at the time of his retirement, Max was a Professor of Languages at the University of Victoria. Being conversant with some twenty-two European languages. He was also a gifted composer, who had the satisfaction of hearing many of his compositions performed during his lifetime.

From an early age, Max developed an interest in the unusual, and it was not surprising that he was drawn to the phenomenon of UFO’s. For the major portion of his life he was a dedicated researcher and investigator. He published numerous articles on the subject in various journals, newspapers and magazines. Until the time of his death, he was a featured consultant on the Masthead of the respected British Journal “Flying Saucer Review”. He also acquired an extensive library of UFO materials which he later donated to the Edmonton Campus of the University of Alberta.

Max was a personal friend of mine, and over the years, we passed many a happy hour in animated discussion on this provocative subject. Max was a rare find in ufology – an investigator who could draw on an extensive classical education, as well as a vast range of interests, to illuminate this subject.

He was a formidable debater, as a result of his photographic memory for detail. He was also a devout Christian, and in his later years, came to view the nature of UFO visitation as essentially “demonic” in nature, and ultimately harmful to humanity.

Max was a loyal friend who will be missed by many. His passing represents yet another loss to the UFO Community. It leaves us with ever fewer researchers who have followed this subject since Kenneth Arnold first spotted those nine flying craft near Mount Rainier on that summer’s day in 1947.

D. A. C. Powell


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