In Memoriam

By Graham Conway, 2002

With great regret we have to announce the death of Richard Zailo who died on July 5th at the age of 75. The cause of his death being cancer.

Dick was a retired plumber, and more importantly, a long time friend and supporter of UFO*BC. He had not only over the last seven years of our existence provided us with financial assistance, but due to the third floor location of his residence on Kincaid Street in Burnaby was afforded a good view of the nearby mountains. Consequently we were often provided with observations he had made of anomalous aerial phenomena that could well have been classified as UFOs.

Always alert to new reports of related UFO activity he was a voracious reader and frequently phoned to alert us to anything he discovered that we might not be aware of. A man with firm views that were voiced in a manner that would not encourage contradiction, he expressed a conviction for our organization's belief that the UFO topic is relevant and the public should be made aware.

With considerable sadness we also have to record the passing of Ruby Wilson who died on 15th July at the age of 104. The cause of her death being pneumonia. Ms. Wilson was a unique member of the 3 Century Club.

Ruby held two places of distinction in our minds. Not only was she a founding member of the Vancouver Flying Saucer Club, born in the early fifties under the leadership of Herb Clark. But she was the oldest reader of our magazine. When we interviewed her two years ago she was still very interested in any and all new developments.

Her room on the top floor of her son's house in West Vancouver afforded her a spectacular view of the North Shore Mountains which she was quick to point out to us afforded her ongoing opportunity to continue with her UFO spotting at the ripe old age of 102! She also drew our attention to the fact that it was in this very same room that she and another avid founding member of the same club, Ms. O. Beaton, both witnessed a strange illuminated disc-shaped object many years ago.

We can only hope that now these two keen UFO researchers have gone to that great UFO hanger in the sky, that they have been able to discover some of the answers that we here are still searching for.

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