The Band Wagon Encounter

By Graham Conway

In 1973 “Tom Campbell” and his fellow musicians on leaving Jordan, Ontario had a nighttime encounter. Due to circumstances beyond his control he had no recollection of this event until he read Budd Hopkins book, “Missing Time", (Pub. Richard Marek, 1981) which began to trigger past memories. Contacting the author resulted in Tom visiting him in New York where he underwent hypnosis with Dr. Aphrodite Clamar, plus a battery of psychological tests. In all he had three hypnosis sessions. The following account, taken from an audio tape provided by the participant, is a rare example of a multiple abduction encounter. The only other publicized similar account that comes to the writer’s mind is the “Allagash Abduction”, by Raymond Fowler, (Pub. Wildflower Press, 1993).

The four musicians had just finished a gig and were busy packing their gear into the van when a stranger whom they had not noticed at the party approached and asked for a lift home. They agreed to let him accompany them. Finally loading the last of the instruments on board, the all climbed in and set off for home.

For some unexplainable reason they took a service road that bordered the Queen Elizabeth Highway on the north and Lake Ontario on the south. Close to Charles Paley Park the driver saw lights up ahead and thought that there had probably been an accident. Upon stopping, those in the rear, including Tom were curious as to what had happened. To which the driver replied, “I think you had better take a look at this”. Upon doing so they were astonished to see a saucer sitting in the middle of the road! What should they do? Return to the party and try the road again later when it was clear. Attempting to turn round the driver found that despite his very best efforts, he couldn’t turn. Even worse the van appeared to be floating sideways towards the saucer. The drummer, who was in the passenger seat up front, suggested to the driver putting his foot on the brake. The reply being he was already doing that. Tom noticed that there appeared to be no road, vehicle contact. The van came to a halt within thirty feet of the craft. The drummer told everyone to stay still. Panicking, he added, “Did you see that? I don't believe it, somebody’s getting out of that thing.”

“What do they look like?” “They are small.” “Don’t move stay where you are." The next thing that was heard was the door handle on the driver’s side rattling. Meanwhile the driver didn’t move, just sat staring straight ahead. Tom could hear footsteps moving down alongside the van to the rear door. At the same time he saw the head of the alien pass the side window. It had a white cream-colored skin with black eyes. Then the rear door jiggled for about thirty seconds. Suddenly the hitchhiker leant forward and opened it! When he did so the occupants saw four aliens looking in. One promptly climbed in, yet his head did not reach the ceiling of the van. In the dim light his features were not very clear. It was apparent he had no ears, and a small mouth. His facial muscles showed concern, probably because Tom was contemplating attacking them, but was unable to move. The alien telepathically informed him that his hostile thoughts made him concerned for the safety of his crew. That it was not their intention to harm the band members and their mission was one of peace. They wanted to run some test: but only had time and enough equipment to examine three members of the group. “Will you come with me, please?” Directing his attention to Tom, the bass player and the drummer. At that point the alien captain turned around and caught his foot in the tripod of the snare drum, which promptly rolled out onto the road. One of the crewmembers picked it up and returned it to the van. The drummer remained seated throughout all of this. The captain asked if the piece of equipment was damaged. Addressing Tom, “Is it yours?” To which he replied it was the drummer’s, pointing to him. The look on the drummer’s face was not one of appreciation, as it clearly said, “Why draw attention to me?” “Come out for a minute.” “Is it damaged?” “No, it looks O.K.” As Tom climbed out he took the bag of recorders, (a flute-like instrument) to which his companions asked, “Why are you taking them, are you going to do a concert for them?” Tom’s intent was to show the aliens and create a little social interest. The captain again read his thoughts and said, “It’s O.K. let him bring them.”

The party passed down the side of the van and entered the saucer through an egg-shaped doorway, steps were visible and a hallway further on the curve to the left. As the drummer was entering the saucer he bashed his head on the roof. The saucer captain asked, “Are you O. K.?” “I think so.” “Do you want us to check?” “No, I think I'm fine.”

Entering the craft they saw three chrome cots on wheels. At which point they were asked to undress and then sit on the cots. Tom asked if it was O.K. to keep their underwear on and was told it was. Then one of the aliens came over took the bundle of clothing and the recorders. This action worried Tom, but he was told "not to worry, I’ll leave them here until we've finished”. At the same time he could see the drummer and bass player over by the door talking to the aliens. As the bass player took his clothes off he revealed he had Long Johns on. This man was a farmer and lived out in the sticks. Due to his appearance the drummer began kidding him and Tom started laughing. At that time he felt no fear only a sense of rapport with their abductors. Even the aliens shared in the humor of the situation. Tom did not feel pressured, only a need to co operate.

Now he saw one of the little guys wheeling a cart over towards him with what looked like a tray of instruments on it. Some looked like dental probes, and lights. Picking up a black thing that looked like the handle of a phone the alien said," I'm going to show you how this thing works, then I would like to try it on you”. “Will it hurt?”. “No". With that the alien shone light on his coat which promptly became invisible, only showing his arm underneath. Repeating the process on Tom he was able to see his muscles, arteries and bone; also the veins contracting and expanding in time with his heartbeat was then told to lay down on the cot as they wanted to view the rest of his body, which they viewed on a large screen. After this he was told to “look at this light”, Tom tried but found himself pulling away from viewing it as it pulsated in concentric circles, producing a hypnotic effect and a sense of drowsiness. “Look at it, there’s something I want you to see”, he was told. Eventually he fell into a trance-like state and lost all memory of what happened after that. The missing details were later recovered thanks to Aphrodite Clamar's regression techniques in New York. First of all they relocated him to a room on the right; then 5-6 aliens brought a large machine that appeared to have “arms”, over to where he was laying. This machine also had hoses, probes, and a light on the end of a “stick”. They checked his fingers, ears and inside his mouth, taking skin and hair samples which they put inside plastic bags. In fact, they checked every part of him. After they had finished they removed the machine and then wheeled him over to where his clothes lay. Then he was told to get dressed. As the three abductees were re united they were asked if THEY had any questions they wished to ask? “Gordon” who was now dressed was watching two aliens busy putting their instruments away, asked, "Are you from outer space?”. "Yes". The following questions were fairly typical. "Do you have bases on earth?”. “Yes we have many bases on Earth. Some underwater, some in desolate areas where few people go. We have one here”, (pointing out of one of the portholes towards Lake Ontario). During this exchange Tom had been regarding them as socially and intellectually superior, even viewing them as angelic beings, but obviously highly developed. Tom’s question to them was. “What is the true religion on earth?” This question clearly shocked them, they looked at each other. “Why would you ask a question like that?” . “Because you are more advanced than us”. “There is no correct religion on earth”. It was now Tom’s turn to be surprised. Abruptly question period came to an end. However Tom was still asking questions in his mind and also telepathically eavesdropping, (reading THEIR thoughts), which were that they were willing to direct us, but did not wish to interfere in our decision making, such as what religion to go to.

The three band members were escorted to the door and the bass player was sent out. The drummer was talking and smiling and turned to wave as he walked back to the van. Tom, the last to leave started talking to the alien standing in the doorway, but felt himself going into a trance state again, at the same time he was overwhelmed by a feeling of kinship, sadness and love, all of which emanated from these beings and resulted in tears in his eyes. Accompanying all this was hope, a sense of purpose that he was crucial to their work and that they needed him. Additionally he was told that he had a special mission to help in their work and would be a beacon of light to people around him, helping people appreciate that aliens ARE real and that it was important work to do. Then the alien brought him out of the trance state. (All this came out in New York under hypnosis.) The alien then said to Tom that there was something that he (Tom) wanted to show him. Remembering the recorders in the bag he offered the bag which the alien lifted off his hand. “What are these?” “Musical instruments. We play them for our entertainment”. “How do you play them?”. “You blow air into them.” It was apparent to Tom that the alien didn’t understand what he was being told. Reaching over he took one, fingered it and played a little tune. The alien seemed impressed. Seeing this Tom took a small soprano recorder out of the bag and gave it to him as a souvenir. “What is a souvenir?” “A gift to remember me by.” “That would be fine.” Tom held it out for the alien to take, but at the same time held on to it. The alien then pulled it out of his hand causing Tom to look down and notice that the captain had three fingers and nails that were long and curved down. At the same time he wondered about giving it to him or not. The alien promptly picked up on this. “Do you want it back?” “No, you have it.” “Are you sure?” “Are you O.K.? Do you want one of my crew members to walk you back to your vehicle?”. “No, I can find my way back.” He then said goodbye and started walking away from the ship. He could feel the wind blowing in his face and his face felt itchy. Reaching up he discovered that his face was wet and then realized that he had been crying, but didn't know why.

Getting into the van he found everyone sitting like zombies. Something else that struck him as odd, was that the stranger was gone! He concluded that he too must have been part of the whole phenomenon. The ship at that point took off extremely fast until it was a small light, then it was gone. They were all soon talking amongst themselves about what to do. The drummer said, “No, we can't report this, everyone will think we are crazy. No-one will believe us and I don't want to be ridiculed over something like this.” The guitarist agreed. Tom said, “We should report it.” “If you report it we will deny it.” Consequently Tom had no choice other than to go along with their decision. Then he became aware the whole way home of a telepathic voice saying, “You are going to forget, you are going to forget.” This continued the whole way home. “No, I’m going to remember, I'm going to remember.” He kept fighting the command. “I want to remember.”

Further down the road Tom asked the drummer and guitarist again, “Shouldn’t we report this?” They looked at him. In a sincere tone of voice, they both replied, “Report what?”. (They had already forgotten.)

On reaching home Tom said to himself, “I must write all this down tomorrow.” With that he dropped into bed and promptly forgot the whole incident. Only when he picked up and read Budd Hopkins book, “Missing Time” did he find his memory once again triggered. To his surprise he found himself recalling other abductions one of which involved his father. Some of the abductions that came back to him were equally as good as this one and possibly even better. Three encounters he can remember completely or very close and three others he has just flickers of.

Shortly after his New York Hypnosis session he was working with a recognized UFO investigation organization in an attempt to recall further information. Toms final expressed wish is that this information will be useful to the reader.

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